Exclusive offer: Beats Solo3 headphones available at 50% off on Amazon


Beats by Dre are amazingly famous especially for audiophiles who pursued the rap icon Dr Dre, who established the company in 2006. It was then developed by Apple in 2014 and continued to produce some of the best headphones in the enterprise today.

Even though these wireless headphones often appear with a hefty price tag, so some may believe twice about buying one. But today is your lucky day, as Amazon lowers the price of Beats Solo 3 wireless on-ear headphones from $300 down to only $160, redeeming you $140.

The Beats Solo 3 is accessible in multiple designs and colours, so you are sure to find the excellent headphone variant that will fit your style.

Exclusive offer: Beats Solo3 headphones available at 50% off on Amazon
Exclusive offer: Beats Solo3 headphones available at 50% off on Amazon

It sports a sleek and cosy body with comfort-cushioned, foldable ear cups that are outstanding for music streaming on the go. You can also modify the headphones on your desired degree of fit and have an all-day listening enjoyment.

Powered by Apple’s W1 chip, this technology encourages you to experience up to 40 hours of listening with one single full charge.

You will never worry when you are running soft on juice as it has a Fast Fuel charging capacity that can get an extra three hours of playtime within almost five minutes of charging time. This makes it favourable for long commutes or expanded travel hours.

The W1 technology also enables users to activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear toggles. This characteristic is great for picking calls, and you can even utilize these keys to regulate your music playback.

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The Solo3 benefits both Android and iOS devices and connects wirelessly with your smartphones using the Class 1 Bluetooth option.

This Beats headphone may attempt a bit on mids and highs, but it conducts decently on the sound quality. It has an award-winning premium playback noise with fine-tuned acoustics to optimize balance and simplicity of the music.

It also has exciting and resonant bass that makes the Solo3 an extraordinary option for hip-hop aficionados.


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