Exclusive: Vikings’ Star on Beloved Character’s Heartbreaking DeathExclusive: Vikings’ Star on Beloved Character’s Heartbreaking Death

Exclusive: Vikings' Star on Beloved Character's Heartbreaking Death
Exclusive: Vikings' Star on Beloved Character's Heartbreaking Death

The Seer’s prescience was satisfied on Wednesday late evening’s disastrous scene of Vikings.
Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) met her end – and the divine beings – on account of Ragnar’s child, Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), in a fierce, destroying match after the injured shield-lady had quite recently spared her locale in a fight against the crooks.
The scene, titled “Passing and the Serpent,” denotes the finish of time for Vikings; Winnick was the final unique cast part on the show. The Canadian on-screen character accordingly considered her to be as Lagertha finding some conclusion, and as Viking’s maker Michael Hirst tells ET, he needed to give her an “extraordinary” send-off.
“She claims that storyline,” Hirst says of Lagertha’s adventure this season, where she came back to her cultivating roots and attempted to put her life of battle behind her.

Exclusive: Vikings' Star on Beloved Character's Heartbreaking Death
Exclusive: Vikings’ Star on Beloved Character’s Heartbreaking Death

“Nearly just because, she’s not engaged with another person’s storyline, where she’s the spouse of Ragnar, or she’s the mother of Bjorn. This is her storyline, and her last battle with the pioneer of the desperados is one of the most dominant battles I’ve at any point seen on TV. That is to say, it’s inconceivable.”
“Her passing is an enormous catastrophe. I even cried when I was composing it, for the good of Pete. Yet, I needed it raised too,” he clarifies. That “raised” segment came as a Polish singing gathering he got to sing Lagertha farewell.
“They went to the studio. They were singing in this old language nobody comprehended and it was only the group and the cameras and a couple of entertainers. I didn’t mention to them what was occurring. They didn’t generally have a clue what the tune was about, however, when the tune was finished, everyone in the structure was crying. Me and the camera group and the team, everyone was sobbing, and that is the music you’ll hear when you see the passing of Lagertha,” Hirst proceeds.
“It is grievous. It is bewildering, and I figure it does immense equity to what Katheryn has given to this show, and I’m satisfied to such an extent that it’s made her a star. That is to say, she merits everything,” he proclaims.
Winnick feels that equivalent friendship for Hirst – and for the character, she’s spent so much time encapsulating.
“I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I’ve really bid farewell to her,” she admits. “Despite everything, I’m seeing her shield and sword right now in my family room, so she’s unquestionably a major piece of my life at this moment.”
In a passionate discussion with ET, Winnick opens up about the years she’s spent playing Lagertha, her extraordinary a day ago of recording, and offers a message to the fans who have been so propelled by her work and the character.

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