EXX Review — Is It a Legit Broker or a Scam?

EXX Review

EXX Review

The Forex industry is one of the most competitive environments in the whole global economy. Financial markets deal with derivatives with a total notional value of over $585 trillion. It is truly a magnificent global ecosystem that could not be conceived before the era of the internet. Contemporary companies that want to survive in this domain must offer unique services and exclusive benefits to their clients. EXX is a great example of a successful broker in this competitive industry.

EXX financial instruments

The list of available financial instruments at EXX includes currency pairs, derivatives like futures and CFD contracts, commodities, and more. You will be able to engage with assets that have different trading volumes, volatility, and other parameters. Such flexibility allows you to create interesting strategies based on various technical analysis techniques.

At the same time, spreads are different depending on which assets you use. This is also something that must be mentioned. Traders can use different assets to control spreads and trade with less risk.

EXX margin trading

Margin trading is a form of trading where traders take out credit and provide their capital as collateral. Using borrowed funds is infinitely riskier compared to using only your funds. However, potential returns often outweigh risks.

Choosing the right size of leverage is highly important. Successful traders analyze price dynamics and evaluate signals. If a signal is strong, they enter leveraged positions using as much borrowed funds as possible. However, when signals are weaker, they avoid trading in general or use the smallest available leverage.

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EXX trading terminal

Having versatile tools to analyze the market is crucial for your success. It is impossible to trade efficiently without a multifunctional terminal. EXX has a very good terminal that has a multitude of technical indicators and graphical tools to draw support/resistance levels or Fibonacci lines. You can easily find a good strategy that works for you using only these tools.

On the other hand, the lack of trend-setting tools like HashRibbons or VWAP used by TradingView or custom-made and user-reviewed add-ons for MetaTrader4 make the native terminal look limited and less efficient compared to industry-leading solutions.

EXX customer support

The support team has many great employees who know their way around the platform and can quickly solve any issue you have with it. When you cannot solve the problem with the assistance of a manager, a technician will join the conversation. You will enjoy attention from the crew until your issue is dealt with. Reach out to the support team using various communication channels like live chat, e-mail, and more.

EXX testimonials

User reviews are focused on many aspects of the service and usually have a positive connotation. Users praise the technology of the service mentioning that it rarely has any bugs or discrepancies with live data. Many think that the usability of the platform is superb. Convenient banking and good customer support also receive good commentaries.

Negative reviews are focused on occasional delays of withdrawals and bad experiences with trading in general.

Banking at EXX

You can use a plethora of payment methods to top up your balance or withdraw funds. Debit cards issued by internationally recognized operators like Visa, MasterCard, and locally used MIR (CIS and Russia) or UnionPay (China and the SEA region) are great when you need to instantly add funds to your balance. Payment systems may not be available depending on where you live.

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Withdrawing is possible only to your bank account, but you have to verify your identity before you can request a withdrawal. Note that it takes up to 5 business days for banks and the broker to process a transaction, so request withdrawal of earnings in advance.

The verdict

EXX does not look like a scam at all. It is a respectable broker with a rich assortment of financial products and a large number of regular customers who return to invest and highly rate various investment options offered by EXX.


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