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Our eyes are arguably the most important among the sensory organs that humans possess. With it, we perceive the world we live in and interact based on how we see them. This is why when one or both of our eyes are affected with any condition, we strive to correct them as soon as possible and visit an eye doctor to be able to see again without impediment. One of the most common conditions that can affect the eyes is Conjunctivitis, commonly known as ‘Pink eye’. Here, we run down some basic facts about conjunctivitis including its causes, symptoms, and possible treatment.

In the most basic terms, conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’ is a condition of the eye wherein the conjunctiva or the transparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye becomes inflamed. If there is swelling in the membrane’s blood vessels, the eye can appear pinkish or reddish in color, hence the term ‘pink eye.’ 

Although it does not cause discomfort for the person affected with it, everyone should still take caution since it is a contagious condition.  This is because the inflammation can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. On top of that, it can also be due to an allergic reaction. The bacteria can be passed from one person to the next through contact with the discharge from the affected eye. Aside from bacteria and allergies, it may also be caused by a foreign object which comes in contact on the eye’s surface. For infants, a pink eye can be an indication that they have a blocked tear duct. It can also be caused by wearing contact lenses that haven’t been disinfected. When a person has a cold or respiratory infection, they may also experience conjunctivitis as a symptom. 

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Individuals that have the condition may experience redness and itching in one or both of their eyes as early symptoms. There may also be a discharge from the eyes which hardens into a crust during the night. This can make it painful to open one’s eyes in the morning. Also, some with the condition have reportedly experienced tearing in the eye which has the condition. 

In treating conjunctivitis, eye doctor Pembroke Pines usually focuses on what caused the condition. Typical remedies include artificial tears and applying a warm or cold compress. Antibiotics are not usually recommended if the pink eye is caused by a viral infection. If the condition is caused by a virus, it should heal on its own in time. However, for serious viral causes such as the herpes simplex virus, the doctor will prescribe antiviral medication. 

To prevent having the pink eye, we must avoid touching our eyes with our bare hands. We must also wash our hands often. If one uses contact lenses, he must regularly disinfect them every day. To avoid foreign objects such as dust from coming into contact with our eyes while we sleep, we should change the cover of our pillows and bed sheets often. Lastly, to avoid getting infected from other people, we should have our own personal towels and washcloths and avoid borrowing from others. 

While pink eye may not be a serious condition, we must still be aware of its causes, symptoms, and treatment in case we are affected so that we no longer transmit the condition to others. 

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