Facebook bug launches iPhone’s background camera Secretly


Is Facebook spying on you?

Several iPhone users were left shocked the moment that they figured that their phone’s camera gets automatically turned on in the background while they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed.

This facebook bug is terrifying all the iPhone users as they buy the iPhone for security purposes, but now they feel even the iPhone is not secure anymore.

Facebook Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen first tweeted that it “sounds like a bug” and the social networking platform was investigating.

“Thanks for flagging this. This looks like an error(Bug), we are working on it,” tweeted Rosen in reply to a user.

Facebook bug launches iPhone's background camera Secretly
Facebook bug launches iPhone’s background camera Secretly

Later, Rosen admitted there was indeed a bug. The error(Bug)appears to only affect those iPhone users who are running the latest iOS 13 software version.

Joshua Maddux Tweeted that “Found a #security & #privacy issue @facebook. I found an error(Bug) in the app which lets you see the camera open behind your feed and capture the scenes. Note that I had a camera that is shown on the carpet.”

“We have recently discovered our iOS app incorrectly launched in the landscape. In fixing that last week in v246 (version246), we inadvertently introduced an error (Bug) where the app partially navigates to the camera screen when a photo is tapped. We do not have any proof of the photos/videos uploaded due to this,” he tweeted.

Another user posted: “Facebook app on iOS 13.2.2 opens my phone’s rear camera when I open a profile pic swipe down to return (look at the small slot on the extreme left of the video).

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Is this an app error(Bug) or anions bug?” Rosen said that Facebook was submitting a Solution for this to the Apple App Store.

Facebook is now trying its best to resolve the bug and make people feel secure again. They also mentioned that the videos/photos are not being stored anywhere, so their data is safe.


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