Facebook down in the U.S. for many users ?

Facebook down in the U.S. for many users ?
Facebook down in the U.S. for many users ?

Facebook seems to have solved the problems with outages that came up today. You can return to stalking your earlier high school batchmates.

Facebook has shut down for the count. Various users in the United States of America have posted that the service is going through issues preventing them from going into the site

When they try to burden the service, they are welcomed with a warning that apologies, something went wrong. They are working on getting this solved as soon as they can.

Down Detector has assigned the social network at a “Problems at Facebook” level which notifies that various users are unable to access the site. The problem seems to have begun around 2 p.m. PT.

Facebook down in the U.S. for many users ?
Facebook down in the U.S. for many users ?

As per its Facebook outage map, most of the problems are coming from California near San Francisco and Los Angeles. We will begin to monitor the situation and update the post once Facebook solves the issues.

Some of the people are reporting that the site would not load at all and others are receiving error messages. Some claim that their profiles would not load and others are getting a message, “Sorry, something went wrong” error at the end of posts.

On Down Detector, people took note that they were looking for issues with the desktop version. Others said that they could not check in because local locations were not visible.

It is unclear what has urged the problem, but it currently seems to be limited to only one part of the country, along with some areas in South America, rather than being spread around. Reports on Down Detector in the comments section are arriving from states like Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, and many more.

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Just about half an hour after the errors were informed, the number of complaints seems to already be reducing. Facebook may already be solving the issue. However, about 30 minutes later the problems came up cropping up again.


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