Facebook: Revealed poll, playable and Augmented Reality ad formats


Ahead of Advertising Week, Facebook is announcing the expansion of three interactive ad formats. The company showed off each format at a press event yesterday in New York City. Although Mark D’Arcy, Facebook’s chief creative officer and vice president of global business marketing, said that while the initial playable ad examples had very literal gaming mechanics, doing brands in a game, there could be a whole range of different interactions over time. We take a closer look at the cool new features of our most beloved social networking platform.

First, second, third

First, Facebook says that poll ads, which you may already have seen in Instagram Stories, are moving to the main feed of the Facebook mobile app. Second, the augmented reality ads that Facebook has already been testing are moving into open beta this fall. Third, Facebook is making playable ads available to all advertisers, not just gaming companies.

Facebook: Revealed poll, playable and Augmented Reality ad formats
Facebook: Revealed poll, playable and Augmented Reality ad formats

The demand is already high

Popular E! says it ran ads with interactive polls to promote one of its TV shows, leading to a 1.6x increase in brand awareness. Meanwhile, Vans created a playable ad where players could guide skateboarder Steve Van Doren down a mountain, resulting in a 4.4% lift in ad recall. And WeMakeUp ran an AR ad campaign allowing users to virtually try on new shades of makeup, leading to a 27.6% lift in purchases.

Worry not

In case you are wondering how these new formats will handle user data, the Facebook team said that only the aggregate results of polls, and not individual user data will be shared with advertisers. Similarly, any images created by users through an AR ad can be saved to their camera roll, but won’t be shared with advertisers.





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