Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Every Information About The Disney+ Arrival

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Every Information About The Disney+ Arrival
Falcon And The Winter Soldier:

They are back, Bucky and Falcon have gone one step further in their journey within the MCU with this new series that kicks off with the final moments of ‘Avengers: Endgame’. We have a successor to Captain America.

But what exactly will happen in ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier? Who will accompany you on this new journey? Will we have cameos? As the novelties of the series that will open the catalog of new Marvel stories at Disney + arrive, we will complete the information we have.

It will be in August 2020 when ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ will debut, the first Marvel series created for the Disney platform.

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Although at first, its premiere was scheduled for October, the house decided to advance it a couple of months, to the delight of all. At the moment it has not been confirmed that the series will be delayed by the coronavirus.

To frame it within the MCU calendar, this series will arrive between ‘ Black Widow ‘ and ‘ The Eternal ‘, but it is not expected to be related to either of the two titles. Several titles have had their calendars altered in the face of the worldwide expansion of the Coronavirus:

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Every Information About The Disney+ Arrival
Falcon And The Winter Soldier:

‘No time to die’ has been delayed for seven months; ‘Mulan’ has canceled its Chinese premiere – and presumably it will in more countries given the current situation -, ‘Mission Impossible 7’ has canceled its filming in Venice … and also ‘ Falcon and Winter Soldier ‘ has been affected by the advance of the virus.

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Although filming started last year in Atlanta and also went through Puerto Rico earlier this year, the production schedule was planned to spend a week in Prague in March. However, this has been paralyzed, so, for the moment, production has not come to an end and we do not know when it will resume.

“Following the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ Sam Wilson / Falcon and Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier team up on a global adventure that will test their skills – and their patience. “Three brief lines that advance us that the two protagonists who closed ‘Endgame’ will follow the legacy that Captain left. Having the shield, “something” will appear that will drive you crazy.

Here we scale two hypotheses. On the one hand, it has been confirmed that it will be an old enemy who will return for the series, Baron Zemo, a villain who can perfectly make “lose patience to anyone.”

On the other hand, it is rumored that the US government is not very happy, a priori, the fact that the new Captain America is black, which could explain the arrival in the MCU of the second Super Patriot, that is, US Agent, who can also perfectly be like a grain in areas not desirable for the legitimate heir to the shield of Cap who would see his hegemony in danger.

Although we want to think that they end up being friends. The series is under the command of Kari Skogland and is scripted by Derek Kolstad, scriptwriter of ‘John Wick’, from which we deduce that there will be good gangsters and guaranteed fight scenes.

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