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Finding the right office cleaners for your business can be tricky. There are loads of cleaning companies that you could choose from, so finding the right cleaners for your office is a must to ensure that your business is safe for your employees and that it looks great for your clients. If you’re wondering how to choose a cleaning company for your office or have some questions about office cleaning, the FAQs below should help.

Please note that the info below may vary depending on the cleaning company you use to provide your office cleaning services.

How are quotes for office cleaning formed?

A lot of cleaning companies take the size of your office into account during the quotation phase. They will also account for cleaning products and equipment used, the hourly wage of the cleaners, insurance costs, as well as management for the cleaning solutions put in place.

Now, some cleaning companies will offer a blanket quote for their cleaning services. These don’t take into account the number of rooms or desks your company has but is geared towards offering a generic, but quick to obtain, quote. Choosing a cleaning company that offers a customised quote for your business can mean you get a better deal and means that the cleaning company is open to customising its services to suit your business’s needs.

Do cleaning companies provide cleaning equipment?

Most cleaning companies can provide all cleaning equipment, but this is sometimes done at the request of the company. If your office doesn’t have any cleaning equipment, it is worth mentioning this during the quotation process. The cleaning company should make you aware of whether they supply the cleaning equipment or not, and if additional charges apply if they provide the cleaning products and equipment.

You may find that the cleaning company you use could also supply washroom consumables, air purification devices and a great deal more that your company can benefit from. So, if you choose the right cleaning company, they could take care of a lot of your office’s maintenance and cleanliness needs.

Will cleaning companies clean small offices?

Some cleaning companies are happy to clean small offices, even single offices. Of course, this greatly depends on the cleaning company you use. If you aren’t sure whether your office is big enough for a cleaning company, it’s worth speaking with a few cleaning companies in your area. You may find that smaller cleaning companies will welcome the work or find a good quality, well-established cleaning company that can provide a cleaner for your small office.

Will my office be cleaned by the same cleaner every time?

Typically, most cleaning companies will try and send the same cleaners to your office for every cleaning session. This isn’t always possible, of course. Cleaners can take sick days and holidays, but for the most part, most cleaning companies will try and send the same cleaner.

If, for whatever reason, though, you like a particular cleaner or would prefer a different cleaner, you can request this. These office cleaners , for example, will take this into account when assigning the cleaner jobs. While it’s not always possible to have the same cleaner (if you have daily cleaning services in your office, for example, the cleaner may have conflicting appointments during the week). In most cases, the cleaners who come to your office will be the same day by day.

What cleaning services are available for offices?

Many businesses believe only regular cleaning services are available for offices. And while this may be true when you use some cleaning companies, other cleaners offer more. So, you can have deep cleaning services and antiviral disinfectant services for your office too. Choosing a cleaning company that offers you lots of cleaning services (even if you don’t need the additional services right away) is a great way of ensuring your office has every cleaning service it may ever need, done by a company that you trust to do a good job.

We hope these office cleaning FAQs have been helpful if you’re looking for a cleaning company to keep your office in great condition. Having a cleaning company that cares about all of your business’s cleaning needs is the perfect way of making a lasting impression on your customers and keeping your employees motivated in a safe and clean environment. Just remember, the more flexible a cleaning company is, and the more cleaning services they offer, the more they can provide your business.

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