Federal Pay Raise 2021: Facts you need to know as a Federal Employee – Are there any upcoming opportunities?

Federal Pay Raise 2021
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This year, Federal Pay Raise 2021 was one of the most awaited decisions to come across from the Government of the United States. The 46th President of the USA who defeated former president Donald Trump has carried bigger expectations from the civilians of the country as well as immigrants after his win. And, he is none other than Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. or shortly known as Joe Biden. 

Federal pay raise 2021
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So, if you are still waiting for the President’s decision or pronouncement concerning Federal Pay Raise 2021, then you have not been completely aware. To the reader’s surprise, it has already happened. That’s right! Federal Pay Raise 2021 has already been declared, and it is time for you to be up for grabs of this opportunity very soon in the upcoming year. 

Today, we present a distinctive guide for Federal Employees of the United States, mainly stating facts and theories about the Federal Pay Raise 2021. Furthermore, in the event that you are applying for Civil Services in 2022, this reading will also help you in gaining confidence in your choice. So, without wasting your good minutes, let’s get down to it: 

#1: What is Federal Pay Raise 2021? 

Do federal employees get a pay raise every year? To this, the answer is yes. Those who work for the Federal Government get a pay raise on an annual basis which remains active from the first of January 20XX (i.e.., whichever is next year). After winning the presidency in the 2021 elections, Joe Biden has successfully completed a year in his chair, or should I say only ten months! Thankfully, he has proven a good president who used emergency authority to get a pay raise for Federal Employees. 

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According to the latest report on Federal Pay Raise 2021, each Federal Employee will get a +2.7% of their respective current salaries. Henceforth, Federal Pay Raise 2021 is 2.7% which will be effective from the first of January in 2022. Technically, some platforms are depicting it as Federal Pay Raise 2022. 

Some Federal Employees are also unhappy about this decision. Why? Find out the next fact: 

#2: Federal Employees expected to get more this year!

In 2021, the results of the election didn’t surprise anyone in the USA. For some reason, voters went the extra mile to get rid of Donald Trump as the President. The target was pretty much clear. However, after the pronouncement of Federal Pay Raise 2021, the civilian workforce and federal employees went home with a face that said “disappointment” out loud. 

The reason being, under the Presidency of Donald Trump, he submitted a request for a 3.1% Federal Pay Raise in 2020 and got cleared. Henceforth, employees’ expectations with Biden were entirely dependent on how much Federal Pay Raise 2021 would be? 

President- Donald- Trump- Has- Made- a- Cameo- Appearance-in -A- New- Death- Note- One-Shot,
President- Donald- Trump- Has- Made- a- Cameo- Appearance-in -A- New- Death- Note- One-Shot,

During the presidency of Donald Trump – 2017 to 2020, Federal Pay Raise was remarkable. For example, in 2017, Federal Employees’ pay raise increased from 1.6% to 2.1%. In 2018, it was 1.9% for two consecutive years. And finally, in 2021, Federal Pay Raise became 3.1%. 

So, without a doubt, instead of giving a pay raise of more than 3.1%, Joe Biden declined it to 2.7%. 

#3: Are Federal Employees getting more than they deserve? 

This shall not come as a surprise, but many-many residents of the United States complain about immigrants taking away Federal Jobs from the hands of US Citizens. Not only this, but the private sector vs federal sector has become a thing. Because Federal Employees get mainstream health benefits and annual increases on their current salaries, however, is that true? Are private-sector employees at a loss against Federal Employees? The answer is NO. Here’s why: 

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According to the factoid, in the past six years, private-sector employees have enjoyed a 2X Advantage over federal employees in terms of salary raises. To the reader’s surprise, the Private Sector’s average salary rates have boosted by 10% in the given period. In comparison, federal employees have only gotten an approximate increase of 3.3% in six years. 

Thus, if you are working for a private corporation, it is quite possible that you have been enjoying a 2X to 3X monetary advantage over those who work for the Government. And trust our research. This will create a mess in the upcoming years. 

#4: Who is making the biggest sacrifice? 

In the past few years, Federal Pay Raise 2021 hasn’t fluctuated much. As a matter of fact, it has decreased from the Federal Pay Raise 2020. Thus, the question that stands ahead is who is making the biggest sacrifice for years? Is it the Government/President of the United States? That is clearly a “NO.” 

To begin with, Federal Employees have been making the biggest sacrifice for years. Not only this, but federal employees also complain that with each annual raise in their existing salaries, they go home having less than what was spent in their previous year. Because an annual raise is only an increment of numbers on salary slip. But, with this small increment, the amount payable as tax particularly increases. 

Federal pay raise 2021
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Henceforth, leaving them with less and less to spend on amenities. Sounds harsh, right? 

You will also be surprised to acknowledge that Federal Employees also have to face pay cuts that come across the hardship of the job. Not only this, but the retirement contribution program’s premium payments have increased for Federal Employees. And, on furlough days, they get nothing. So, with such harsh terms & conditions, the Government of the USA has saved over 182 billion USD for the upcoming budget.

It seems like Federal Employees are making sacrifices unknowingly for the recovery of what Govt. has lost!

With such a fact in mind, do you think Federal Pay Raise 2021 is enough to compensate for all those years? 

#5: Major Benefits enjoyed by Federal Employees

Even though the four factoids mentioned above put Federal Employees like sacrificial goats, but that too is entirely not true. Federal Employees also enjoy some major benefits and free facilities that are very expensive to civilians. From Health Insurance to Retirement Plans, Life Insurance, Child and Dependent Care, there’s nothing in the world that the Government doesn’t handle on behalf of its federal employees. 

For example, recently, the Government has launched EAPs or Employees Assistance Programs. It allows the federal employees to get instant help on emotional, mental, and physical issues, which may create a damaging impact on their job hours or performance in the workplace. 

Incredibly Grateful For Support from Indian Americans

It is a completely free service where Federal Employees can take help of or talk to professional counsellors about anything that may be pressurizing them. 

Other programs like Child and Dependent Care allow the Federal Employees to get additional care for their child or parents/guardians who are dependent on them. Some Governmental offices also offer in-built childcare cabins for men and women with children. 

#6: Federal Jobs for Disabled in the USA and identical Federal Pay Raise 2021

Now, Disabled people in the USA can also apply for Federal Jobs under Schedule A. It definitely seems like a good move from the Government’s end. For Disabled Federal Employees, Federal Pay Raise 2021 is also the same as 2.7%. However, you must be eligible for the same. Disabled Federal Employees get additional benefits under Schedule A. 

Federal pay raise 2021
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In the event that the candidate is visually impaired or hearing impaired, they are provided additional help such as interpreter or reader, respectively. To apply for the job, disabled candidates must hold a proof of disability signed by a licensed professional. 

#7: What is the average income/annual salary of a Federal Employee after Federal Pay Raise 2021? 

Please note that the average salary of a Federal Employee can be anywhere between 77 thousand dollars to 129 thousand dollars. However, in comparison, Washington DC Federal Employees get the highest average salaries, i.e., starting from 1 million dollars per year. 

One of the major rationale behind such a difference between Washington DC average salary rate and other states is the Federal agencies mainly have headquarters in DC. Not only this, but because mainstream bureaucracy is in DC, the difference is finely justified. 

Profit Revolution

It may arrive as a bolt from the blue to you that in the past decade, regular Federal Employees have encountered an average increment of 18% in their entire salary. At the same time, Washington DC Federal Employees Pay Raise is approximately 21% in the past ten years. 

#8: How to apply for a Federal Government Job in the USA? 

There are many third-party platforms where you can apply for Federal jobs in the USA online. For example, indeed.com. But, if you want to check for all the upcoming vacancies, you can visit https://www.usa.gov/government-jobs. Here, there are two sections: Federal Government Employment and Federal Jobs for People with Disabilities. 

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First of all, you will require to sign up / register on the website and create a profile. You can turn on notifications for the latest update on vacancies in hand. You can also create a proposal and submit it. Whenever an appropriate vacancy comes along, you will be notified. It’s that easy!

Please note that the Government of the USA gives first priority to:

  • veterans,
  • survivors, and
  • veterans and survivors who are disabled, especially during War.


So, are you ready and thrilled for the upcoming in-activity Federal Pay Raise 2021? For information on the subject of Federal jobs, bookmark us. We are happy to help you with any information or query that may trouble or distinguish your decision. Thank you!


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