Feeling strong enough to fight with coronavirus? Here’s a reality check for you

strong enough to fight

There is a flood of news updates from around the world. Most of these updates are related to dangerous COVID-19 or coronavirus. While some people are following the government’s guidelines and taking necessary precautions, there are some over-smart people who think that coronavirus can not attack their bodies. Feeling strong enough to fight with coronavirus?-

It is good to stay optimistic in tough times, but there is a very fine line between being optimistic and being stupid. It’s like chilling in the park, having a vapocorner even when you have cancer, that crazy, right? By the way, don’t you know that being positive is the most negative word in 2020?

There is a huge trap of fake news and people spreading misinformation related to coronavirus cure and remedies. One of the most important precautionary steps is to avoid such news.

With that said, let’s look at two of the most common factors that we don’t consider when we think we are strong enough to face the attack of coronavirus.

  1. Your eyes can allow the virus to find a place in your body

Fact says that there is no evidence that coronavirus can get to enter your body through eyes. However, with an interesting turn in the story, now some reports say that the virus can be present in tears and also on the surface of the eye.

According to reports, most of the similar cases where the virus was found in the eyes of a person were seriously ill. That’s the reason we are asked not to touch our eyes, face, and hair.

Therefore, if you come in contact with someone infected with coronavirus and then touch your eyes, then you are likely to get caught by the virus. So, make sure you wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face, hairs, and eyes unnecessarily.

  1. Do you have a history of diabetes? 

There are many people who have diabetes, it’s something that is becoming so normal these days. According to experts, people with diabetes have a higher risk of getting infected by this virus. There are a few strong reasons for it as well.  

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Apart from that, it’s not just about diabetes, the presence of any chronic medical condition like cardiovascular disease, hypertension or obesity can also increase the risk for COVID-19

Therefore, if you are someone who has suffered from any medical conditions like diabetes, heart, or lung disease, then you must take extra care of yourself. In order to stay fit, try to manage your diabetes especially during this time. This includes keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol level in control.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and keep track of your blood glucose and ketone readings timely.

From the above points, we can say that most of the factors are uncertain and anything can happen as nobody knows the treatment of this virus and nothing is fixed or solved right now.

Hey, wait! When we talk about the treatment of this virus, do you know how many crazy remedies have made their round over the internet and social media?

The worst part is many of the over-smart folks thought that these crazy remedies will work and help them be safe from the virus! This is how many innocent people have lost their lives too.

Let’s look at some of those crazy remedies which you must avoid to keep yourself safe and healthy.

  1. If you add pepper to your meal, you will be able to cure coronavirus

Here is the thing, hot peppers in your food can make it delicious, but cannot prevent or cure COVID-19. Instead of that, just try to build your immune system stronger. If you need to go out for any emergency, then the ideal way to protect yourself against the virus is to keep at least one meter distance from others on the route.

  1. Spraying or introducing bleach into your body would save you from COVID-19 
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Now, this is something very dangerous and stupid as well. Still, let me say to you again – under any circumstance, don’t spray or introduce bleach or any other disinfectant into your body! I hope you know that these substances can be highly poisonous if ingested.

Apart from that, it can damage your skin and eyes as well.

  1. Another stupid remedy – Having methanol or bleach can prevent coronavirus 

For most of the people who believe that this substance can save you from coronavirus, let me tell you that these are POISONS!!! Do you get that? These poisons can either lead to disability or death. 

Substance like methanol, ethanol, or bleach is used as cleaning products to kill the virus on the surfaces. Therefore, don’t you dare think that these substances can also kill the virus in your body, it will kill you.

Instead of trying this stupid thing, just spend your time in disinfecting the objects or surfaces at your home and be strong enough to fight that you are more likely to touch daily consciously or unconsciously.  


The coronavirus is already a pandemic now and there is no doubt about the fact that most of us will eventually get infected if we don’t take proper care of ourselves.

Therefore, acting over-smart and thinking that this virus can’t harm your body will result in a blunder for you. Also, if you stay at home and develop healthy habits, then it will reduce your risk of getting infected by the virus. 

Keep calm, don’t panic, maintain hygiene at home, and stay away from such fake news that creates an illusion that you are at no risk, and coronavirus is nothing serious and be strong enough to fight. 


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