Ferrari 812 Superfast Spider leaked

Ferrari 812 Superfast Spider leaked
Ferrari 812 Superfast Spider leaked

Social media possesses no intention of going patiently into the weekend, with this secretive Facebook user “Cavallino Rampant” who has been leaking images of the car that has not yet been released – Ferrari 812 Spider.

Earlier, the reports claimed that Ferrari had called upon VIP owners to two events which were conducted for preview in early September, one for the open-top 812 and one for the F8 Tributo Spider. The picture of the new 812 appears to have been clicked at the respective gathering.

Ferrari Chat forum members have been posting about the famous Italian automaker who displayed both near the beginning of the week. Official pictures have been rumored to arrive on Monday, but as far as we can predict at the moment, the 812 barely has any difference.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Spider leaked

The narrow opening which has been placed over the driver’s head is covered with a thick header between the A-pillars on one end, and two buttresses against the headrests on the other end.

It is quite unsure how the roof mechanism would work in the car. Mining Ferrari Chat again, one member posted that the fascia that has been placed at the rear end has been redesigned and the aperture of the trunk is larger than it seems.

Trunk space seems to be similar to that on the standard 812 Superfast while excluding the rear shelf. Another person who posted and was at the event has written that the spider weighs 3527 lbs dry weight. vs 3362 for the coupe, as a fact and on acceleration times for 0 to 124 miles per hour, he wrote that he thinks that it was 8.3s for the spider, whereas for the coupe, it was quoted at 7.9s.

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No one mentioned anything about any power changes, but it is true that the 6.5-liter V12 with 789 horsepower and 530 pound-feet does not even need any.


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