Ferrari Will Be Fighting To Retain V12s In Its Engine Lineup


Stricter emission standards are moderately depriving the world of high-performance cars, but Ferrari announces it will proceed to do anything in its power to keep its famed naturally aspirated V12 engine for as long as probable.

Its latest V12 dislodges 6.5 liters and powers the newly unveiled 812 GTS. While this engine is to a great extent equivalent to the power train utilized by the 812 Superfast, Ferrari was required to fit it with a particulate channel.

The presence of a power-sapping particulate filter is not something manufacturers of high-performance cars want to bargain with. Nevertheless, Ferrari was capable to twitch the engine for the GTS so it still creates 789 HP like the Superfast all while complying with Euro 6 emission standards.

It is not only the emissions that are worrying Ferrari regarding the future of the V12. Noise guidelines will likewise make it increasingly hard to keep such huge engines around in the years to come.

Ferrari Will Be Fighting To Retain V12s In Its Engine Lineup
Ferrari Will Be Fighting To Retain V12s In Its Engine Lineup

“The regulations that arrived one and a half years ago are very challenging for us because it is not only about the level of sound, but the method you use to measure it is much stricter. This is something that we have to consider as a challenge for the V12,” Leiters explained.

“The other is a challenge is more subjective. We have reached a level of specific power output which, for a naturally aspirated engine, is enormous. Right now, nobody requires 800bhp but everybody wants to have it.

I guess we have to understand how we can enrich the engine and its characteristics differ in the future, but still, display progress.”

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One legitimate alternative for Ferrari to keep its V12 would be adding some sort of electrification, in much the identical manner as cross-town rival Lamborghini will do with its Aventador’s successor.


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