FIFA 23, TOTW 5 Cards Released? Who received the best card? Details Inside!!


As we know, FIFA 23 is here, and, as always, there are plenty of things to bring to your stallion. After 30 years of working with football’s governing body, this is EA’s latest game in the series. Next year it will debut with EA Sports FC. Though the definitive guide to FIFA 23 Career Mode is once again amazing, taking you through the best clubs for their transfer system, setup and scouting management. In this blog post, we will tell you the released card of the FIFA 23 Team in the 5th wee, who get the best card? and how you can activate your profile? So, without further ado, let’s get started!!

TOTW 5th, card released? What have we known that?

Though EA Sports released the FIFA 5 Team of the Week 23 (TOTW 5), and Neymar has gotten his first special card. With incredible players in every situation, the team of extraordinary cards looks like one of the best cards yet. This past weekend saw several anticipated and prolific clashes in European football, including the iconic El Clasico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. There was also a clash between Premier League giants Manchester City and Liverpool. All of these matches lived up to the hype, with star players receiving a TOTW card in FIFA 23.

What are the best cards in TOTW 5?

Furthermore, Neymar took the cake as the best card available in FIFA 23 TOTW 5. He is extremely dominant in FIFA, and with his latest position change, he offers even more options for squad building. However, Nicolo Barella is an interesting option for the Serie A team. He has an incredibly well-rounded card in FIFA 23, and his TOTW version may be the best midfielder in his league.

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Moreover, being investigated will be Joe Gomez, Leroy Sane, Jonathan David and Silas, who have historically been amazing in FIFA due to their in-game characteristics and traits. The likes of Thuram and Vlahovic will also be extremely effective. The latter falls into the long rush type by default, and Thuram can be turned high with the appropriate chemistry style.

However, Neymar has historically been one of the best players in FIFA, mimicking his real-life skills on the virtual pitch. Despite having two FIFA 23 downgrades, Brazil has retained its viability in the sport. With the addition of TOTW 5, they now have an upgraded special edition that includes an iconic status change.

Who is included in FIFA 23 TOTW 5?

Although TOTW Weekend in FIFA is EA’s way of celebrating the achievements of top players in various leagues in world football, after an exciting round of events, TOTW 5 features some high-profile names. Overall, this TOTW truck is extremely strong. Fans will be looking forward to the upcoming Weekend League to receive some of these exclusive items in the form of red picks.

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How can you activate the Profile in FIFA 23?

As we mentioned, you can lose all your progress if you don’t activate your Profile. So, with MMoexp, you can get all the necessary information to activate the Profile to maintain your career progress. To activate your account, follow these steps:

  • Launch FIFA 23 and go to your home screen.
  • Select the Personalization option at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Then select Profile and then Profile Manager.
  • In the list, you will see all your customer profiles. Therefore, you can choose a profile and activate it.
  • It will allow you to save your career progress and activate your Profile.
  • If the strategy does not work for you, it is recommended to restart both the game and the gadget.

How can you get FIFA 23 coins?

Though players, who want to earn FIFA 23 Coins to build their best team in FIFA 23, then for it, Extreme Group Mode requires players to start from scratch. Therefore, players must build their fantasy teams in search of good player cards to buy FUT 23 coins to win more matches. When you can’t control your team on the court, you will find it difficult to win matches against strong opponents from all corners of the world. So, by turning on profiles in FIFA 23, you can track down areas of great strength for low-level evaluators who can fill the gap. To play FIFA 23 with the most coins, you must set them up as soon as possible. They are impressed by Z2U’s low cost and secure exchange process.

The last word!

So, the above article may help you get information on how to use coins and other important information regarding the context. We hope you found this article helpful. However, please comment below and let us know if you have any questions or doubts.


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