Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Is The Best Way Ever To Play


After years of releasing the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VIII has emerged remastered for all consoles, including PC. Claimed to be the best version of the game that has ever existed, it has gamers everywhere shooting in hurrah.  We check out the excitement yourself to bring you everything you need to know about the recently remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII. Sit back, grab your console, and get ready to play,  gamers, because you’re in for a run ride today. 

Years worth of crystallized thoughts

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is even better than the original. Keeping the original version’s fuzzy JPEG backgrounds, creators have now added 3D models that are basically butter for the eyes. This one is for all those gamers who would rather spend eight hours in front of their TV with their consoles in their hands and no worry in their minds. If the undisturbed and unaltered focus is what is needed to defeat your enemies, then focus is what was given in the new visuals of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered


A rich platter of work 

Arriving two years after Final Fantasy VII and busting blocks worldwide as soon as it dropped into the gaming territory, the Final Fantasy VIII holds to the level of the modern-day equivalent of the first TV that was ever introduced. With the same intriguing ness and curiosity, it has gamers everywhere on the search to get their hands on it. If you ask us, it’s definitely worth the run to your closest video game store right about now. 

Everything we know so far

Featuring graphics that are groundbreaking for its time, and way beyond any other Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VII has simply broken all records to emerge into one of the finest creations of the gaming world. Get your hands on it on September 3rd. 


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