‘Finally it’s an end to “BoJack Horseman’ with season 6 -Season highlights and more


The adult animated comedy series is finally coming to an end as said by Netflix. The last and concluding season of BoJack Horseman will be ending itself with its sixth season after completing five whole seasons with the audience. The finale of the series will be divided into two parts and premiered at different times.

The first part will be premiered on 25th October 2019 following which the second part of the finale will come out on 31st of January 2020. With that, the adult animated comedy series going for long enough will be ended.

The first season of this animated series came out on August 22 in 2014 which is more than 5 years ago from now. The series debuted on Netflix itself and dropped a Christmas special as well on 9th of December.

‘Finally it's an end to BoJack Horseman’  with season 6 -Season highlights and more
‘Finally, it’s an end to BoJack Horseman’ with season 6 -Season highlights and more

The famous cartoonist, Lisa Hanawalt has designed the cartoon series for adults. The reviews had been very ambiguous as some liked the series and some did not. The critics’ comments were similar. Though, the second half of the first season did better than the first half. Raphael Bob Waksberg is the creator of this adult cartoon series.

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Will Arnett voices over the lead cast as the Bojack Horseman who is an alcoholic horse. Amy Sedaris voices over the Persian cat, Princess Carolyn.

Alison Brie voices over the human ghostwriter Diane Nguyen. Paul F Tompkins is there as he yellow and cheerful Labrador retriever, Mr. Peanutbutter. Aaron Paul is present as the human slacker, Todd Chavez.

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All the previous season consisted of 12 episodes each going through the stories of the animated characters of humans and animals.

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The story is set in an alternate world where humans and animals that have human-like powers co-exist with each other in their usual lives. The story revolves around BoJack who is a washed-up start planning to make a comeback to the industry.


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