Fire Emblem: Three Houses Update Now Available, what’s new in the updated version?


Not even two complete months have passed since the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the game has already gathered a huge amount of new content— something very amazing for its many fans with huge appetite and interest in the game, around the world.

Nintendo has come up with the second major update for the game. Contemplating their patch notes, players of all skill levels have plenty to vouch for.

There are plenty of free new updates in this batch, available to you even if you opted against the Expansion Pass. The biggest one for the gameplay fans looking for a challenge is the addition of breathtaking and maddening as a new game difficulty.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Update Now Available, what's new in the updated version?

Looks like, you can only opt this upon starting a new game, And talking of a new game, New Game+ gives you increased Renown and limits. (As of now start one? They’ll retroactively apply 10k Renown!) For the players who have arrived at this point, you can likewise now get to the Goddess Tower from the Event Gallery.

Version 1.0.2 also comprises of the 2nd “wave” of DLC for those who own the expansion
pass. About those who want to march out a little further, there is good news for you as well, among few brand new Auxiliary Battles we have: Battle at Lake Teutates, Battle in the Forest, Battle at Grinder Field, Battle at the Sealed Forest, and Battle at Conand Tower.

There are new items available to utilize—accordingly, they boost your movement, strength, HP, and speed. In addition, as we were promised before there’s plenty of adorable new clothes, available for us as well as our students. In fact bonus: there’s even a new song, “Corridor of the Tempest,” accessible at the time of auxiliary battles

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