Five Top Chefs in New York


When planning to go on holiday, travelers nowadays tend to favor visiting capital cities or other cosmopolitan hubs, where a variety of cultures and backgrounds come together to create innovative and fashionable movements, that eventually go mainstream. One such innovative and multicultural phenomenon is culinary tourism, and more and more people are planning their travels around food tours and experiences.  Food tours are becoming part of the mainstream, perhaps in part because cooking is increasingly considered an art form in its own right.  

Meanwhile, New York City remains one of the most acclaimed cities in the world and a top destination for international travelers. The city has so much to offer, especially when it comes to the art of cooking, and taking a New York Food Tour is now considered a highly fashionable pastime. However, there are so many excellent restaurants in New York that choosing which ones to visit may be a real challenge for first-time visitors. With that in mind, we have aimed to select some of the best options available to travelers in this article. And rather than focus on the restaurants themselves, we have chosen to highlight some of the best, most innovative, fashionable, and well-known cosmopolitan chefs in the Big Apple. 


JJ Johnson

The chef formerly known as Joseph Johnson was born in Long Island, New York, and honed his Afro-Asian cooking style at the Culinary Institute of America. His many restaurants include Jane, the Tribeca Grill, Centro Vinoteca and many more. He is currently the owner of a well-known local restaurant called “Field Trip”, which launched in February 2019 and offers a community-based dining experience, dedicated to highlighting different cultures through the shared experience of rice. The venue’s mantra, “Rice is Culture”, originated when JJ began to explore the profound connection between rice and human beings from almost every community in the world. Johnson focuses on using sustainable products to create flavorful experiences that both taste good, and are good for you. 

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Marcus Samuelsson

Another chef whose work is worth experiencing on a New York Food Tour is Marcus Samuelsson – an Ethiopian-born, Swedish-American celebrity chef who owns many restaurants across the United States (New York, Miami, Vegas, and Newark) and elsewhere, and has even cooked for Barack and Michelle Obama. In New York, he runs two stylish restaurants: Red Rooster Harlem, and Ginny’s Supper Club. The former, located in Harlem, serves comfort food which aims to honor the roots of American cuisine and the neighborhood’s diverse culinary traditions, sharing the Harlem story with guests and lending visibility to talented artists, musicians, and culinary talents. Ginny’s Supper Club is more of a hidden gem, located under Red Roosters, and is considered an escape from hustle and bustle of city life, offering memorable experiences to its patrons on a daily basis. 

Jordan Andino

Born in Toronto, Canada, Andino ventured into the culinary world at the tender age of nine, learning the ropes from his father before moving to California to work in fine dining kitchens, and attend Cornell University. His reputation grew quickly, as one of the most exciting young names in the New York culinary scene due to his clean, unique flavors, which played an integral part in the opening of Flip Sigi. This chain of restaurants is renowned for its blend of Filipino ingredients and French techniques. Andino’s cooking also blends Spanish and Mexican cuisine, inspired by his grandmother and her father, resulting in a unique culinary experience. 

Daniel Humm

Daniel is a Swiss restaurateur, and the owner of Eleven Madison Park. This magnificent restaurant overlooks Madison Square Park, one of the most iconic public spaces in Manhattan, and is located at the base of a historic Art Deco building on the corner of East 24th Street and Madison Avenue. Launched in 1998, the venue underwent a complete renovation and redesign in the summer of 2007, and the culinary experience evolved significantly too once Daniel took over in 2011. The menu consists of entirely plant-based courses, as well as light snacks and abridged tasting experiences in the bar area. 

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Ayesha Curry

Last but not least, Curry’s family name may sound familiar to basketball fans, but she is better known these days as a renowned chef, actress and TV personality from a wide range of cooking shows and movies; notably her own show, Ayesha’s Homemade. She began cooking on YouTube in 2014, and has since written two cookbooks, The Seasoned Life and The Full Plate, in 2016 and 2020 respectively. In partnership with Michael Mina, she owns restaurants in San Francisco and Carmel Valley, San Diego, both of which focus on woodfired steaks, seafood and ribs, aiming to inspire new flavors and creativity. 

These are some of the most famous and celebrated chefs in New York City and the entire United States. For all its attractions, many people travel to the Big Apple just to sample some of its innovatively flavored and exotic food, cooked by the most renowned chefs in the country. 


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