Five ways Connectum can help businesses in 2021


Online card acquiring is becoming an increasingly competitive sphere of business, which is, of course, great for the merchants since they now can choose from a wide range of service providers. With so many companies taking up online sales during the pandemic, more and more service providers realize that online acquiring is not just some kind of service you can offer to your customers on the side, but a fully-fledged and prospective business venue. Even big corporate banks that are ever slow to change are adapting to the new reality. However, companies for which online acquiring is the leading business direction lead the way today. Companies like Connectum Limited, a UK-based processing company.

Here are five ways Connectum helps merchants and e-commerce businesses today, making more customers choose it over other merchant providers.

1. Free Merchant onboarding

Many e-commerce businesses are single-person-run; everyone knows that. It happens not because people want to do everything, from accounting to logistics, but mainly because they can’t afford hired help when they are just starting. That is why they jump at every chance not to spend extra. And that is why Connectum’s offer of free merchant onboarding is viewed very positively by new merchants. Besides, the procedure is fast and uncomplicated, so businesses that aim to start taking payments as soon as possible look at it as a nice bonus.

2. Support of 3D-secure 2.0

Now that new legislation about making online payments has gone live across Europe, it has also caused many problems for e-commerce. Many service providers were in time to implement the necessary upgrades, but some weren’t. It usually takes up to several months to complete this technical transit for a payment service provider, which means several months of downtime in accepting payments for their customers. But Connectum customers never had to worry about this issue, as it was one of the first PSPs to make the necessary upgrades and provide ways to make safe and secure payments for their clients.

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3. Flexible pricing policy

For many banks and huge PSPs, online acquiring is by far not the most major chunk of their income, so they usually don’t have dedicated teams to support and develop it. And can mean many things, including late adoption of innovations, expensive fees because they need to justify its existence somehow, and sloppy tech support; for this reason, this is why choosing a merchant acquirer for whom it means is always recommended. When they focus on it solely, they deliver much better. It also enables such PSPs as Connectum, to offer desirable and flexible prices so that a business owner of any kind will find a tariff suitable just for them.

4. Technical support and a personal manager

One of the vital factors why merchants choose Connectum is as susceptible as payments from their clients; they want to always keep their finger on it, especially when something goes off. They don’t want to lose customers and have bad publicity simply because there wasn’t a manager online from the payment service provider side when a customer’s payment went awry. Connectum assigns a personal manager to each merchant account and has help available at all times of day in several languages so that its customers can concentrate on their business and sales instead.

5. Partnership programs

Connectum offers several partnership programs as part of its services. From a solution that helps to set up a complete PSP service to a merchant reseller program. It allows businesses to expand on their services and get all kinds of extras for participating.

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