Form brings swim Goggles that displays Heart-Rate data in the pool


Just when we thought swim gear couldn’t get any cooler, Form has introduced a brand new underwater wearable item called the Swim Goggles. With the added feature of heart rate tracking, the company has simply perfected every aspect of the product. But that’s not even the best part because the company has recently announced its collaboration with top fitness wearable company, Polar, to introduce the heart rate tech. Beginning in November, a free software update from Form will make the Swim Goggles compatible with Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ heart rate sensors. Today, we give you a microscopic look into the exciting items that are on their way in the near future. 


Check yourself before you wreck yourself 

A saying that not only applies to the principles of life but proper monitoring of heart rate when engaged in a highly intensive physical activity. Thanks to the Swim Goggles’ augmented reality capabilities and the tiny, see-through display inside one of the lenses, swimmers will be able to view their heart rate through the device when they are swimming around laps. All attached through a strap, the Polar sensors sit right against the swimmer temples to provide an accurate reading of their heartbeat post-competition. 

See it anywhere, anytime 

An extremely important aspect of a swimmer’s routine as they take part in their splits, it is crucial for one to monitor one’s heartbeat throughout in order to avoid unprompted heath issues. The Swim Goggles are capable of performing such calculations and in addition, the data that is curated is them wirelessly transmitted back to the device. Upon completion, the data will sync to the Form Swim App, which will match heart rate data with metrics like split times, stroke rates, pace, and calories.

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