Fort Leavenworth Soldier Saves Lives by Injuring Gunman

Fort Leavenworth soldier saves lives by injuring gunman

A Fort Leavenworth soldier is being praised to save several lives as he stopped a person who was randomly shooting on the bridge that connects Kansas and Missouri. Patrick Kitchens, the Leavenworth police chief said that the officers responding to Centennial Bridge on Wednesday found one wounded person who was hit by a gunshot. He was severely injured and is under observation right now.

Kitchens stated that the suspected criminal was randomly shooting people on the bridge when a soldier hit his car to stop the act. The person who was shot was also a Fort Leavenworth soldier and became a random victim of the incident. Both the suspect and soldier are currently being treated and are critical.

What happened at the spot?

A soldier reportedly saved “countless lives” on Wednesday, May 27. He found a man to randomly shoot people on the bridge near the Army base. When the soldier got closer to the incident, the best way he could stop the shooting was to injure him.

Officers initially thought that there was a road rage incident that was blocking the Centennial Bridge. The soldiers were quick to react to the situation and soon discovered that the criminal had multiple weapons to fire randomly at any vehicle.

The soldier who was injured also tried to stop the gunman from shooting. However, he became the victim. Soon after the gunshot hit him, another soldier ran his car into the criminal’s car.

The event helped the soldier save the lives of the people who were at the bridge that time. The criminal could kill many people and the Fort Leavenworth soldier saved the day. The suspect is alleged to be from Platte County, Missouri. There has to be a further investigation done to know who he is and why did he shoot.

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