Fortnite x Batman teaser Released: Here’s release date and other information


Epic Games have confirmed that a Batman crossover for Fortnite: Battle Royale Friday morning via Twitter. This is also a video placeholder on YouTube explaining exactly when the launch video will go live.

Both the tweet and YouTube videos have confirmed that the “Fortnite X Batman” event will go live at 8 a.m. Eastern on Saturday, September 21. “Check out from tomorrow, September 21 at 8 AM ET to get a free in-game reward for watching the premiere!” reads the description on YouTube.

What’s special about September 21, eh? It is the iconic Batman Day, an annual holiday established by DC Comics in 2014 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman’s debut in Detective Comics volume 1, number 27 all the way back in 1939.

Fortnite x Batman teaser Released: Here's release date and other information
Fortnite x Batman teaser Released: Here’s release date and other information

This crossover is likely to be a celebratory publicity stunt coordinated directly by DC Comics to market Batman’s 80th birthday, and what better than a crossover with Fortnite to promote just about anything to a youth? In cities around the world like Tokyo, Rome, Paris, London, New York City and Los Angeles, real-life Bat signals will be projected the famed Batman sign against numerous buildings to celebrate the Dark Knight.

Fortnite also ensured Gotham City was added to its map instead of Tilted Town. The DC Comics-inspired fictional town hosts the Wayne Tower, a bat signal in the air and a feature to use redeploy, a grappler and an explosive Batarang. Gamers also have to construct in Gotham, unlike Titled.

Fortnite players also have an opportunity to finish a series of challenges between Saturday and October 1 to gain a variety of awards, highlighted by a Catwing glider, sprays, and banners.

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Batman is the latest entry to the list of Fortnite collaborations which already features Marvel Comics and The Avengers, Borderlands, John Wick, Nike’s Jumpman and the NFL.


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