Frank Lampard is the best assistant in the EPL 2009/2010

best assistant of the league

Frank Lampard is one of the major legends of the EPL. He is best known for his performances with Chelsea. By the way, you can watch the football results today of this team on the sports statistics website. Only verified information is available here.

The 2009/2010 campaign was quite successful for Lampard. The midfielder managed to score 22 goals in the EPL. In addition, 14 assists were on his account. Thanks to this Frank became the best assistant of the league during that season.

Lampard’s efficiency, as well as his ability to make accurate passes, were among the factors that helped Chelsea to eventually win the EPL gold medals. In the 2009/2010 season, the team finally succeeded in breaking the hegemony of Manchester United and winning the title.

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Chelsea was very good that season, and a lot of the credit goes to Lampard. The midfielder had a great season and was able to regain his confidence.

What helped Lampard win the assistants race?

During the 2009/2010 campaign, Frank was remarkably consistent. Throughout the long and eventful season, he regularly pleased the fans with both goals and assists. By the way, now thanks to mobile livescore, it is easy to follow the current success of Chelsea, not only in the EPL, but also in other tournaments.

As for Lampard, he managed to beat such grandees as Cesc Fabregas, James Milner, Ryan Giggs and many others in that campaign. His impressive play was the result of several factors at once. For example as:

  1. Trust from the head coach. Carlo Ancelotti, who had just taken charge of Chelsea that season, gave the midfielder complete freedom of action. Thanks to this, Lampard could pay enough attention to the creation of attacks and often gave accurate passes.
  2. Excellent chemistry with partners. For example, with Didier Drogba. The Ivorian managed to score 29 times that season. A large proportion of these goals were scored following assists from Lampard.
  3. The ability to quickly make a decision and find the best option to continue the attack.

Lampard has always stood out for his quick thinking and excellent vision on the field. So it’s no surprise that he ended up being the best assistant of the EPL. Overall, he has won dozens of trophies with the London club. Therefore, his role in the history of the Blues cannot be overestimated.

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