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Furnica : Furniture wholesale

According to the latest analyzes, furniture sales in Europe slowed down temporarily at the beginning of the epidemic in 2020. But in most European countries, the annual total furniture sales balance is even higher than in previous years. Many companies from all over the world have prepared for efficient service of such demand and such successes. One of them is Furnica.

Furnica’s path – from a small company to a wholesale leading entity

Furnica is a British company that supplies various furniture items. It’s main activity is focused on providing high-quality furniture accessories. Furnica serves both small and medium-sized enterprises, mass and handicraft furniture manufacturers, as well as DIY enthusiasts who sometimes love to make their own DIY project. In each case, Furnica offers an offer tailored to our needs.

Furnica has enjoyed growing popularity for years. A small, almost family-owned company, has become a big player on the market of furniture accessories. Furnica offices can be found in several European countries and in the United States. It is also visible in the field of customer service, because whether we want to buy one pair of drawer runners or we want to order some furniture accessories in wholesale quantities, we always know exactly what we need about the product. In the Furnica store you will find a lot of different types of furniture accessories. You certainly know the accessories sold at Furnica and you certainly use them, although you may not know about them. These are often very popular products that are purchased by large furniture companies. Swivel chair castors, furniture legs, metal cable grommets for office desks? Sounds familiar? Well, check out the Furnica online store website and compare the products to your own!

Furnica – the best furniture accessories for companies around the world

A large part of Furnica’s activity is the wholesale of furniture accessories. We can order them in almost any quantity and always at wholesale prices. The order can be modified to include only individual models of given types of accessories, e.g. ball guides. Furnica cooperates with suppliers from all over the world, and the company’s portfolio includes such producers as Elfa and Le Mans. Of course, we will also find the so-called small items, small but necessary furniture elements, such as wheels, mechanical elements, latches, hinges, furniture legs pads, furniture screws and many more. These products are characterized by a very high quality of workmanship and a low price.

Browse categories and furniture accessories freely

Choosing furniture accessories can be difficult if we can choose from thousands of different products, and one particular little hinge comes in dozens of sub-types. Really? Not exactly – in Furnica you can conveniently navigate from category to category in search of exactly the furniture accessories you need to build furniture. If you are not sure what you are looking for, the categorization system and the intuitive pictures on the main page will help you browse the content. What you also need to pay attention to are good-quality graphic materials that represent real items sold by the Furnica store.

Check now: https://furnica.com/


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