“Gamified” home exercise benefits Parkinson’s patients


Exercise is invariably challenging to maintain for more than a short period, in most cases. This is all the truer if you are already sick or in pain, or find movements difficult, as is the case with those who have Parkinson’s disease.

A new explication has been suggested: a motivational app that compensates exercise participants. Not only did the participants keep up with their training regimen, but their motor disability was significantly better.

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic illness, with both physical and mental restrictions on movement. To negate this, the Park-in-Shape study put the app to the test, using two groups of participants.

The participants were tested applying the Movement Disorders Society—Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (MDS-UPDRS) – section dealing with motor assessment – during the off phase of medication, when 12 or more hours had transpired after the last dose of the dopaminergic remedy.

Parkinson’s patient exercising

Those using the app had obvious cardiovascular benefits. Also, these patients reached a better level of control over voluntary movements, scoring about 4.2 points less on the MDS-UPDRS scale. This reduction is relative to that which can be accomplished with the use of a lot of the drugs used to treat this condition now.

Of the total participants in the exercise and stretching group, ten left from each. Adverse events which could have been related to the exercise occurred in 11% of the cycling and 6% of the control group.

With the excellent perks of this arbitration, the patient doesn’t have to leave home either, which makes it more likely that this therapy can be extended to many potential beneficiaries. Furthermore, it provides fodder for more thought: if six months of exercise does so much good, is it possible that we can hinder the course of the disease by resuming the exercise for much longer?

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