Gareth Thomas & Prince Harry to come together to break HIV stigma


Prince Harry is to assemble forces with Gareth Thomas to assist in ending the stigma of HIV, beginning again the work his mother initially did three decades ago.

Thomas, aged 45, disclosed over the weekend that he was analyzed as HIV positive, but through therapy, the virus is undetectable and will not ratify it on to his spouse.

Pursuing his dramatic prophecy, Prince Harry and his sibling, the Duke of Cambridge gave their support to him.

The Duke of Sussex will now collaborate with Thomas to cooperate to raise the attention of HIV and the current methods of therapy.

Thomas told the Mirror that like him, Prince Harry wants to smash the taboo around HIV and he has already done a lot of tremendous work. He also told that they are planning to toil together now.

To do something with him will be truly powerful. In the 1980s, Diana who was the Princess of Wales was snapped shaking hands with an individual who was HIV positive. The image had a powerful effect at a time when many people understood HIV could be spread through touch.

Now, Harry is proceeding in his mother’s footsteps.

Thomas added that quite often he looks at that photograph of Diana at the sanitarium next to those weak-looking men and then he looks at an image of himself out on his bike and it motivates him because he can see how things have altered and progressed.

It also makes him realize that he is very lucky because he can see what it was like for them and he knows that 30 years ago that could have been him.

Harry was one of many celebrities to take a public HIV examination in 2016 and inaugurated the MenStar campaign along with Sir Elton John, which conducts to broaden the diagnoses and therapies of HIV infections in men along with the goal of ultimately stopping the AIDS epidemic by 2030.


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