Garmin’s New Fenix GPS sport watches feature solar charging with bigger displays


Garmin’s new Fenix GPS sports watches feature solar charging and bigger displays.

Garmin launched its Fenix 6 series of multi-sport GPS watches. The series will feature first Garmin watch with a transparent solar charging lens.

The display size is increased to around 1.4 inches. These displays will be sunlight readable displays. The watch will have new features that will extend the battery life.

People who are highly sensitive to their fitness will surely look for these kinds of watches. The flagship device is the Fenix 6X Pro.

It has a power glass solar lens that not only extends the battery life to 21 days but also gives a larger display too. The Fenix 6 series will have about 35% larger display than the series 5.


The normal life may be up to 21 days but the continuous use of GPS and music will reduce the battery life by 15 hours.

If the watch is kept on battery saver mode then the battery life will extend to near about 81 days. The solar charging will also increase the battery life by 40 days thus making it a complete battery life of 120 days in battery saving mode.

The 6 series watches will have a more comfortable fit. There will be two variants the Fenix 6 and Fenix 6x.  The 6X variant will have scratch less sapphire glass protection. The software is also upgraded.

The Fenix 6 series have PacePro feature and more advanced power management. The pace pro feature adapts elevation changes to keep the runners pacing on track. The power management advancement related to how the settings and sensors affect the battery draw.

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This will help users to enable or disable different power consuming features. The prices will be starting from $599.99 for the Fenix 6 and 6S. the price of Fenix 6X Pro Solar will rise to $1,149.99.


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