Gear Up Your Problem-solving Skills With QuestMath


Solving mathematical problems has many advantages for kids. A few of the top benefits of problem-solving are that it improves mathematical ability and lets the kids know easy tips and tricks to apply the mathematical skills they learn. This value or ability to solve maths sums quickly lets the kids improve their theoretical and real maths issues. QuestMath makes the kids realize their mathematical reasoning abilities and makes them confident to try out new mathematical concepts. It makes them curious to experiment with different mathematical tools and explore the topic. You can easily gear up your problem-solving skills through our online learning platform.

Our way of making the kids fall in love with maths is motivating as it is different from conventional methods of teaching. We will explore the advantages of learning maths with us in this article.

  1. Specially Curated Classes for Individual Child’s Needs – Our curriculum is developed by 13 leading global experts that tool To focus on the learning journey based on the child’s needs 90,000+ hours of research and development to focus on the learning journey based on child needs.
  2. Personalised Online Math session – We provide 1-on-1 LIVE online Math sessions to make maths learning effective. This makes a child comfortable and lets him learn at his own pace. The online personalised classes help the child to solve any problem at ease and ask as many queries as he wants at the time of applying the mathematical skills taught by the teacher.
  3. Best Combination of Singapore Math and Russian Math – Our maths teaching way is different than traditional methods of learning. We combine visualization and reasoning skills based on the Russian Math program and problem-solving and real-life application skills based on Singapore Maths to improve the mathematical abilities of the child. This makes the child adapt to maths in an interesting way and makes him explore new mathematical concepts with confidence.
  4. Four-Step Approach to Learn – We help the child in making maths subjects their favorite ones. Our approach is to make them confident and independent learners by learning maths, practicing it, and then applying it to real-world mathematical problems. We do this by helping them increase their problem-solving skills by 3x and making math fun and easy in a challenging way.
  5. QuestMath Tutors have Level 3 certification by Learning Quest, Singapore – Our tutors are level 3 certified teachers. This qualification is the level 3 award in education and training that is internationally accredited by Ofqual. Our qualified tutors apply all these proven techniques to teach kids mathematics in an amazing way.
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Your child will not just get the above-mentioned benefits through our platform, they will also experience learning mathematics in an engaging way thereby making them enjoy maths subjects. Joining our online math platform as their maths buddy will help them excel in maths and lead in their academic field. You can check out QuestMath to explore more about the unique programs they offer for individual child’s needs.


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