Ghost of Tsushima is coming soon | Watch the Heart robbing Ghost of Tsushima trailer and more!

Ghost of Tsushima
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It is time to clean-up your PlayStation 4 and makes it ready for the hardcore action-adventure game soon to be released. Yes! You have guessed right, the Ghost of Tsushima is coming soon. Are you ready to experience something new that’s beyond your imagination? Well! You have come to the right platform. At the recent, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the Ghost of Tsushima trailer for PlayStation 4. For the most part, this adventurous game is a single-player molded game. However, the play gets a chance to role-play as Jin Sakai who is the last-known samurai of Tsushima island. 

What is the Ghost of the Tsushima release date?

Earlier, The Ghost of Tsushima was to be released in June 2020. But, because of obvious reasons, the release has been delayed. According to various trustworthy resources such as Wikipedia, Ghost of Tsushima is now releasing on 17 July 2020. However, due to COVID-19 Pandemic across the globe including Japan. The release of this adventure role-playing game akin to The Elder Scrolls 6 is not confirmed. But, let’s keep our fingers crossed because developers Sucker Punch Production has no doubts in the context of release. The game is perfectly ready with exquisite gameplay and premises to please the gamer. 

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What is the GOT background and storyline?

Well! Gamers surely know that every role-playing game has a story. To begin with, the Ghost of Tsushima also has one. As per the recent synopsis, this action-adventure combined game takes the gamer to the late 13th century in Japan. There, various feuds are ongoing. 

Although, the best part of this forthcoming game is that it does not include any guidance. Thus, in an open-world, the gamer is free to go out of its way and explore the game premises. Apart from this, the game remains functional from a third-person’s perspective. Furthermore, it includes various additional characters that can be helpful to solve given quests or missions

“Katana” is one of the major weapons in the game available for the support of gamers in order to face his nemesis. Above all, there are also non-playable characters in the game that gamers will definitely find interesting

Is there a Ghost of Tsushima trailer?

To the reader’s joy, yes. Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the Ghost of Tsushima trailer on 3rd March 2020. Check it out below:

What is the Ghost of Tsushima plot from the protagonist’s viewpoint?

The protagonist of the game, Jin Sakai in the voice of Daisuke Tsuji is a samurai. To the reader’s surprise, samurai is a term used to determine the military caste of modern Japan. Apart from this, Masako is an additional Sumeria who is a female. The game takes the player to the year 1274. The player plays against Khotun Khan who belongs to the Mongol Empire. He is against Jin Sakai. Some other additional characters include

  • Onibaba in the voice of Minae Noji,
  • High Priestess in the voice of Hira Ambrosino, and
  • Ippei the Monk in the voice of Keisuke Hoashi.

The Mongol Empire has attacked many countries including Japan. However, the empire has not conquered the Tsushima island yet. It stands as an obstacle to the Mongol empire’s vision to conquer mainland Japan as well. In the past, the protagonist Jin has witnessed thousands of his military clans die while fighting against the Mongol Empire. However, now only a few left. Hence, Jin revolves in an open world of Tsushima Island to protect it against the empire attackers

During the journey of the Ghost of Tsushima, the gamer will likely to experience the adventure of learning while fighting. With quests on the side, Jin (the player) will have the potential to accomplish weapons and much more. 


In conclusion, Ghost of Tsushima is the most awaiting action-adventure game from Japanese developers and production. Hence, it is finally coming. To begin with, in October 2017, Sony Interactive Entertainment had paraded Ghost of Tsushima trailer in Paris game week. Further, in 2019, it also had nominated for The Game Awards. Well! Luck was tight back then as the game has not released yet. 


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