Golden rules for writing your resume

your resume

Everyone, both professionals and fresh graduates, needs a good resume to look for a job. 

Creating a beautiful resume in the eyes of employers is not easy to do, but it is not a complicated task either.

Basic tips

There are some basic tips that you can read here to improve your applications for almost any job when it comes to writing the perfect resume.

Whether your resume is one of the most sought-after resumes in the engineering field, or are you simply looking for a part-time job to cover your expenses as a student.

In any case, these 2 job types follow some basic rules that all HR professionals look for among the mountains of resumes they receive.

So, if you have them on your resume, you’ll have a better chance of being one of the few selected for a later interview.

Choose the correct format

Many people don’t know that there are many resume templates. So they search for anyone on the Internet and start filling it out without any additional information. 

This is a common mistake, and the human resources department detects it and immediately discards these resumes.

The first basic tip to keep your resume from getting ripped off is to select a format that works for your resume. 

In chronological order, if you have experience, you can pick by functional format. These are the most common formats, but many others depend on the nature of your work and level of experience.

Focus on accentuating your relevant aspects

After deciding a format that works for you, the following should focus on creating a resume that highlights your strengths against your weaknesses. In the case of intermediate or advanced professionals, their strong point is previous experience, so studies can be left in the background, but of course, they have to be included in the same way.

In the case of students looking for their first job, they should choose to highlight their field of study, internship, interests (only if they are relevant or useful to the job for which they are applying), courses, etc. Hard and soft skills are also worth mentioning to increase your chances.

Show ambition in resume

In recent years, human resources professionals have been looking for employees who are proactive and decisive in unexpected situations that may arise during working hours, so you should include a comment section on them. His expectations in the company.

While this is more possible for people with more experience, resumes without any experience that can be done through action verbs will grab the recruiter’s attention, such as: such as create, complete, perform, develop, perform, coordinate, negotiate, among others

Write your resume step by step

Thanks to these 3 simple but basic tips, you’re almost ready to start writing your resume. But before you start doing it, you have to keep in mind that you need to do it naturally. 

That is, top to bottom, as you shouldn’t fill out your resume when the information pops into your head or pops into your mind.

Subject :

Important section where you introduce yourself and add the position you are applying for, then contact details. Images can be optional.

Briefly describe yourself :

Also known as “about yourself,” this is an optional segment that can help you better introduce yourself in 50 or 100 words. It must be on one side of the resume.

Experience/research :

Whether you’re a professional or someone looking for their first job, it’s a good idea to go for research or follow-up work experience is. Only post information that is relevant to the position you are applying for or that is not relevant to the position for which you have gained recognition.


 Including language skills will make your resume more attractive if you speak more than one language.


You can mention both hard and soft skills at the bottom of your resume.


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