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Goliath season 4
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Amazon Studios first presented Goliath in 2015. Soon enough, this television series top-notched the list of the best legal dramas web series online. Up until now, three seasons of Goliath have been released. And now, it is time for the Goliath season 4. Is it coming soon? Well! The answer is yes. But, we have bigger things to tell you about Goliath’s upcoming season, created by David E. Kelly and Johnathon Shapiro. 

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To begin with, the Goliath tv-series keenly focuses on the meter of justice in the world where truth is no longer an asset, however, a commodity that is utilized as per the benefits of the parties. That’s right! This legal drama also puts into the spotlight some prevalent yet, unknown struggles of a lawyer who stands for justice. From the rich to the poor, the law treats everyone differently, metaphorically. So, are you ready for the next season? Here is some good news for you:

What is the Goliath Season 4 release date? 

In October 2019, Goliath season 3 made a big entrance with a mind-blowing and table-turning climax. In the last episode of Goliath, Patty finally meets her birth mother to the reader’s surprise. But, we are yet to view what happens next in the fourth season! Not only this, but Marisol loses her position as a mayor and further receives criminal charges for her criminal deeds. As if it isn’t enough, Billy and Wade end up dealing with hiding Wade’s criminal evidence in exchange [SPOILER ALERT].

Thus, after almost leaving the audience on a cliff, it was no doubt that Goliath will come out for season four. And luckily, the Goliath season 4 release date has been set to be 14th November 2020. Until then, you can enjoy all the episodes of Goliath online on Amazon Prime videos or top 10 tv shows free streaming sites

Goliath season four
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Is Goliath season 4 delayed? For now, no official announcement for the Goliath season 4 release date postponement has been made. However, if the covid-19 pandemic continues to worsen, there are 0.99% chances for the series to get delayed. We hope it does not happen! Yet, it is noteworthy to mention that some sources have already made an announcement saying that Goliath season 4 will now come out in March 2021. 

Who are all in the cast of Goliath Season 4? 

  • Billy McBride [Main cast: Billy Bob Thornton]
  • Patty Solis-Papazian [Main cast: Nina Arianda]
  • Brittany Gold [Main cast: Tania Raymonde]

For now, Amazon Prime has announced only three main members to make a comeback in Goliath season 4. However, many people already questioned, “Is Billy McBride dead?” Well! The answer is: WE DON’T KNOW YET! 

In the last episode of Goliath season 3, Billy McBride and Diana confronted each other. According to Wikipedia, Diana was desperate at the moment. And, in the anger of the moment, she shot Billy McBride (Oh, that’s sad). Although he looked dead, we know that he was conscious. Therefore, the comeback of Billy Bob Thornton in the upcoming season will be a big surprise. 

Can you spot all the cast of Goliath? Let’s take a test. Check out the official trailer for Goliath season 4, and see if you can spot all of them: 

About the Plot…

To begin with, Goliath focuses on the storyline of Billy Bob Thornton, i.e.., Billy McBride, who is a lawyer by profession. However, contrasting to his profession, he is broke and homeless. Billy is not only a lawyer; however, he himself is seeking justice from the system, yet, has been disappointed by “how the system manipulates the truth?”

Shout Out: The Series Goliath is a fascinating and useful web series that gives the viewer a true understanding of the law system. So, what is your view of the moral of the story?


In conclusion, Goliath Season 4 is on the waiting list. Till then, check out the best shows on Amazon Prime to Stream non-stop. 


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