Good Riddance Says China on Germany’s Exit From UN Security Council

Good Riddance Says China on Germany's Exit From UN Security Council
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The representative of Germany at the United Nations appealed to China to release the two Canadians on Christmas. The Canadians were in detention. Chinese representative from the UN said to this appeal that they bid “good riddance” from the bottom of their heart.

German UN ambassador to hang his boots as a diplomat after 40 years

Germany completed two terms of tenure being a nonpermanent member. The council consisted of 15 members. Christoph Heusgen, the ambassador, will retire after completing over 40 years in a diplomat’s shoes. Thus, Germany’s journey ends at the end of this month.

German envoy appealed to China to release the two  detainees on Christmas

The ambassador said that he wanted to end his diplomat’s career with an appeal to China. Thus, he requested the Chinese envoy to release Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. Moreover, since Christmas was on the cards, and it would have been a generous gesture that he expected from China. However, Iran was the official agenda for the session.

Michael Kovrig was a diplomat from Canada. A global think tank, an international crisis body, had him as a consultee. Beijing detained Michael Spavor in 2018 and he was a businessman there. It was a counter-reaction as earlier the police in Canada took custody of Meng Wanzhou. He was the CFO of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Further, the United States issued the warrant to arrest Wanzhou.

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Chinese deputy ambassador accused Heusgen of disturbing working culture

Chinese deputy ambassador of the United Nations, Geng Shuang, claimed that Heusgen made venomous accusations to other members. It was aimed to disturb a professional working ambiance.

Geng added that he wished “good riddance” to Germany from the core of his heart. He thinks without Germany in the UN security council would work much better in 2021. The council would comply with its duties to maintain international security and peace with much more responsibility.

Germany also advised Russia to look into its internal conspiracy

The German ambassador also advised the Russian deputy ambassador of UN Dmitry Polyanskiy to go through some specific articles. The articles said that Alexei Navalny claimed that he had details of his assassination. He got the details from a secret agent by tricking him. However, the FSB Russian security service called these claims false.

Russia agrees on the “good riddance” as  Germany exits from UN security council

The UN ambassador of Russia commented that he had seen that Russia was always a topic for others to criticize in all the meetings. It has become an obvious scenario despite the session’s official agenda being something else. Moreover, he added that he wished after Germany’s exit from the council, he could see some improvement in that regard as free from Christoph Heusgen.


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