Google Bans Online Ads for Unproven Medical Treatments


Late Friday, Google announced new health care and medicine policy that bans advertising for unproven or experimental medical techniques. A blog post from Google policy adviser Adrienne Biddings said the company will prohibit ads selling treatments that have no established biomedical or scientific basis. We explore the announcement at hand to deliver you more details. 

Advertisements for only legitimate things 

As reported from The Washington Post, the new Google ads policy may put heat on the stem cell clinic industry, which has until recently been largely unregulated and has some players who have been accused of taking advantage of seriously ill patients. Google on Friday posted that it will ban all ads regarding unproven or experimental medical techniques as a means to avoid liability for those that might not be the real truth. 

Google Bans Online Ads for Unproven Medical Treatments
Google Bans Online Ads for Unproven Medical Treatments

Means to stop that is not true 

As stated by the president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, Deepak Srivastava, it is indeed a much-needed step to keep under control conscienceless medical products such as unproven stem cell therapies. Not only does it apply to stem cell but the policy is directed towards cellular and gene therapies as well. 

All is fair in Google 

The company said it will continue to allow advertising for research happening in the space for clinical trials and for clinicians to promote research findings to the public. As means to be fair, Google had further mentioned that it update its policies as needed as new findings are released and regulatory bodies oversee developments. 


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