Google Maps: The most exciting feature ever is about to get even better here’s every possible details.


You have used Google Maps right? Well, of course, you have! In this age of technology and
digitization, it is extremely difficult to find anyone who has never used a Google Map.
Technology tries to make our life easy every single day. In that context new features, updates
and plugins are added to all apps and technological systems. Something similar yet very
exciting has happened to Google Maps!

About a month ago, Google added a very cool feature for Google Maps to be used by the
iPhone and Android users supported by the augmented reality feature (AR). We are talking
about the Live View Mode which places the actual right on the surrounding view with the
assistance of the phone camera.

However, continuous AR usage eats out the battery life for which this feature is not used all the
time. But Google has a new trick up its sleeves which will provide even better navigation without
the use of AR.

Google Maps: The most exciting feature ever is about to get even better here's eery possible details.
Google Maps: The most exciting feature ever is about to get even better here’s eery possible details.

The New Google Maps version 10.26.67 is a walking navigation mode which is the new name in
the game. As per the xda-developers app teardown, the new feature added by Google is called
Eyes Free, and it reduces the screen-look time while using Google Maps.

Ideally, the new feature is supposed to add more detailed guidance while using Google Maps. In
that light, users will not have to peer down on the phone anymore. They can just use the voice-
navigation system to reach their destination.

So far, lots of codes have proven that Eyes Free works just fine, however, there are no official
screenshots to highlight the UI of this change on the Google Maps. Additionally, there is no
information on whether or not Eyes Free is available for all users at this point. However, the
reports do mention that the Eyes Free feature can be turned off if not being used. You just need
to make some changes in the Settings and close the feature if so required.
The walk is now made easy. Thanks to Google!

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