Google: Now fixing Android 10 gestures for all in 2020


Ever since dealers started cooking up their own explanations for gestural navigation limited years back, the landscape has evolved convoluted and bewildering for users and creators alike.

Google is looking to open that up for everyone with a few new guidelines for phone vendors. These will pertain to all new Android phones released after January 1, 2020.

We have already covered how Google will be giving rise to third-party navigation more hard to enable out-of-the-box, but there is a lot more to these modern gesture requirements as compared to Google outright prohibiting something.

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When it arrives at user interface components, there are tons of things battling for screen real estate.

Google: Now fixing Android 10 gestures for all in 2020
Google: Now fixing Android 10 gestures for all in 2020

Apart from navigation gestures, we have seen plenty of extra swipe-inward actions seen over the years, especially from Samsung.

The Edge Panel, as launched on the Galaxy Edge gadgets some years ago, seems when users swipe inside from the curved glass horizon.

This disputes with Google’s design of swipe-in from the aspect to navigate back and, therefore, Google has demanded that such characteristics only reside on the top 1/3 of the screen in destiny.

This nicely fixes the problem many possessed with Android 10’s gestural navigation, as the prime 1/3 of the screen would be earmarked for other actions.

This encompasses special vendor characteristics like the Edge Panels and simply pulling out the left-hand bar that many applications use.

Google is also giving away to adjust how far inner users will need to grab for the back action to occur, so there is a bit of room for customization.

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Gestures have been linked to the home launcher since the time Android 9 Pie launched, and switching out your home screen launcher occasionally meant that gestural navigation was impaired entirely.

Google is now proposing that vendors discontinue this practice and is even giving out a fix for its own Pixel line to eliminate this behavior in the close future.

That is a symphony to the ears of many who like custom launchers and still need additional navigation options.


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