Google’s new Android Focus Mode is here to break your app addiction


If you’re anything like us or half of the 21st generation, chances are that you’re most probably addicted to one of your many mobile applications. There’s nothing wrong with that but just like every other addiction, sometimes it may do more harm than good. But not to worry, we’re here for you and we promise to hold your hand through all the tough times. First things first, in order to break an addiction, it’s important to admit that you have an addiction. So say it with us, I am addicted to mobile applications. Now that that’s taken care of, the second step to fight the onset of addiction is to accept the need to seek treatment. That’s precisely why we’d like to introduce you today to Google’s new Android Focus Mode that’s here to break your app addiction. 

The job does what the name says 

Focus Mode, which is accessible via the Digital Wellbeing option in the Android Settings menu, is akin to a teacher taking away a distracting toy from a student until the school day is over. The feature lets you not only turn off notifications for apps that you find overly distracting – for us, that’s basically every virtually accessible application ever made. 

Google’s new Android Focus Mode is here to break your app addiction
Google’s new Android Focus Mode is here to break your app addiction

Separate from your addiction to scrolling

Google’s product manager for Digital Wellbeing, Rose La Prairie says her London-based team worked to make Focus Mode feel more like a means for users to take back control of their lives from their smartphones. Considering the tsunami of individuals that can’t spend a second of their days without staring at their smartphone, it is not that ridiculous of a statement if you ask us. 

Directed towards a few 

Although Focus Mode doesn’t control usage of apps concerning workplace usability, such as collaboration messenger Slack, its sole purpose-built was for applications on your smartphones such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter that make it difficult to disconnect from scrolling for as long as possible, even while at home with family.


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