Grand Theft Auto 5 Now Streaming Only On PS- Here’s how to play


Sony recently created massive moves to form its long-running PlayStation currently service a lot of competition against services like Xbox Game Pass, which includes creating deals with publishers. Rockstar can reportedly solely enable Sony to stream theft automobile five, a minimum of for the present.

Wired reports that while Rockstar hasn’t struck a formal exclusivity arrangement with Sony, SIE CEO Jim Ryan says the game will only stream on PS. “I’d like to not disclose the terms, however as an instance, it is a good buy for Rockstar,” said Ryan.

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Whatever the deal, it seems targeted solely at streaming services. That potentially cuts out impending competitors like Google Stadia, which launches next month, and Microsoft’s Cloud, which is beginning public testing this month. But since it’s not officially exclusive, Rockstar could potentially still take it elsewhere.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Now Streaming Only On PS- Here's how to play
Grand Theft Auto 5 Now Streaming Only On PS- Here’s how to play

Rockstar was formally confirmed as a partner for Google Stadia however with none declared games. It was one amongst solely 3 developers, aboard Semitic deity and Capcom, that were enclosed during a footnote locution that they’d “announce content at their discretion.” Rockstar has not announced any Stadia games or if they will be out there at launch, however, the revelation that notation currently could also be the only real streaming platform for GTA five seems too slender down the list of possibilities.

For that, you get access to the massive library of quite 700 games out there to play by cloud streaming on either a PS4 or computer. Some titles also are out there as full downloads, so you can play them without needing constant access to the cloud and with lower latency.

Sony has conjointly supplemental four triple-A games to the list, in the form of 2018 hit God of War, Grand Theft Auto 5, Infamous Second Son, and Uncharted 4: A thief’s End.


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