Greenleaf season 4 (part 1) releasing date revealed on Netflix.


Are you guys excited for more Greenleaf? Well, there are new episodes coming on your way next year on OWN, but now you don’t have to wait for that long because soon you will be able to check out the latest episodes over Netflix.

The first part of Greenleaf season 4 is going to arrive on December 5 (this Thursday) on Netflix for you viewing pleasure. We cannot even tell you how excited we are to share this news with you guys because this is a sort of drama that is perfect for binge-watching. We do not recommend you to watch this on Netflix, because obviously, it’s better to watch it live on OWN. However, Netflix does exist as a great way to catch up on the show if you are behind or to re-live certain scenes in order to get a hint of some of the big moments.

Greenleaf season 4 (part 1) releasing date revealed on Netflix.
Greenleaf season 4 (part 1) releasing date revealed on Netflix.

Also, do remember that there is a big cliffhanger at the end of season 4 in the 10th episode. However, we won’t say much about it if you haven’t watched it yet, but that is surely going to leave you asking a lot of questions about what is coming up on the way.

Greenleaf has become so far the most renowned and popular drama on OWN. Not only we get to see a lot of amazing performances anchored by the awesome Keith David but we have also got a story that looks up to some of the incracacies of the mega-church world that goes along with different sentiments that a large family can have about it.

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It’s a show that provides you an insight of dark edges and also about faith and inspiration. Basically, this show will make you feel every emotion inside you, and this weather is the perfect time to do watch it. Also, Christmas is a festival that brings joy to many but it is also the time when people dive into their emotions and reminds the things or people they have lost in their lives. Well, this show is a perfect mixture of everything.

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