“Grim Treatments” Halloween Update launched by Killing Floor 2 – Here’s the Details


The latest update for Tripwire Interactive’s zombie survival game Killing Floor 2 is now live and this one is all about the spooky season.

Titled Grim Treatments, this update’s main attraction is an all-new map called Ashwood Asylum, along with several other Halloween-themed goodies including a comeback for Zeds that are more than in tune with the season.

Additionally, this update comes paired with an all-new Objective Mode: Nuked. In this mode, nuclear fallout sets in across the map as players must fight through Zeds to follow Dr. Ogada Buyu’s endeavor to save a boy who was trapped in the catastrophe.

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Much like other Objective Mode adventures, this one will feature specific goals and cutscenes to make it an all-around immersive experience

“Grim Treatments” Halloween Update launched by Killing Floor 2 - Here's the Details
“Grim Treatments” Halloween Update launched by Killing Floor 2 – Here are the Details

Grim Treatments will also include your regular slate of new weapons (including paid DLC), balance changes, and seasonal cosmetics, which are only available for a limited time around the Halloween season. Watch the trailer above for a glimpse at everything now available in this update.

As mentioned, this free update for Killing Floor 2 is now rolling out for all major platforms. If it is not yet available on your console of choice, it should be before too long with the launch happening today. Stick around with us here on Dead Entertainment for more horror gaming news and coverage ahead.

It is common for games to have a Halloween themed event every year, but Killing Floor 2 is bringing some extra spooky content around this time. New weapons, a new map, a new outfit, and new weapon skins will all be available in the game.

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To make things even sweeter this year a ton of quality of life improvements are being added as well.

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The developers have worked hard to come up with something just as exciting as last year’s Monster Masquerade. This year they have chosen to go with an insane asylum theme as it compliments the never-ending horror found in the game itself. So load your guns and strap in for some Grim Treatments on the Killing Floor.


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