Guide to Sending Mass Messages on LinkedIn


Every marketing professional wants to create a brand and spread awareness about their products or services. LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals on a mass level. Many opportunities are available on LinkedIn, and with millions of professionals, you can connect. However, connecting thousands of people and manually sending personalized messages is challenging. So, if you think about how to send a mass message on LinkedIn, it is only possible with the help of a LinkedIn automation tool.

Using a LinkedIn automation tool, you can send mass messages easily on LinkedIn to connect with others and find clients for your business. In addition, mass messages serve many other purposes, like creating brand awareness, making connections, growing a network, and pitching your products or services.

What is an automated message?

An automated message is a message you can schedule to send to a recipient or multiple recipients at a preset date and time. But many LinkedIn users don’t know how to send a mass message on LinkedIn. All you need is to write a message and then schedule it with the help of an automation tool. There are many benefits of sending mass messages on LinkedIn. Some include scheduling the messages, getting more responses, and creating a rapport with your contacts.

How many messages can you send on LinkedIn?

This is an important question: how many messages can you send on LinkedIn? Although the platform has not set any limit on the number of messages you can send, there are a few red flags that you should consider while sending mass messages. If you send mass messages manually or with the help of an automation tool, your account will be detected by LinkedIn and its surveillance team.

The surveillance team keeps an eye on the accounts involved in mass actions like automated outreach or messaging on LinkedIn. Again, the automation tool plays an important role here. High-quality tools like Dripify keeps your account secure and offers useful features, and LinkedIn does not easily detect its automation.

How to send a mass message on LinkedIn Using Dripify

So, the question is, how do you automate messages on LinkedIn? There are two ways to send automated messages on LinkedIn. One is the standard method offered by the platform to send messages manually without using any automation tools. The second method involves using a Dripify LinkedIn messaging tool. It is a simple and easy tool that serves almost all purposes like scheduling content and messages, nurturing leads, managing multiple accounts, etc. Let us explore how to automate messaging using the Dripify LinkedIn outreach automation tool.

Dripify makes sending mass messages on LinkedIn super easy and more effective. It helps you save a lot of effort and resources. Before using Dripify for mass messaging, it is best to know your goals per your project’s requirements. Here are the seven steps to automate your messages using the Dripify automation tool.

  • When you want to send an automated message in a group, the Dripify automation tool allows you to add upto 50 people in the group.
  • You can create a list of all your first-level connections and send a message to all of them with the click of your mouse.
  • The recipients would not be able to see other recipients of that message as every dialogue is unique.
  • To send a message to a LinkedIn group, move your cursor over the interests at the top of the LinkedIn home page.
  •  Select the group and then select all the members you want to send the message to.
  • There is a “send message” link under the member’s name. Click on the link, and your inbox will be shown.
  • Create the message and then click on the “Send Message” button.

Mass messages on LinkedIn (Examples)

You have landed in the right place if you are looking for information on “how to send texts automatically.” We’ve given a couple of useable messaging templates below:

Example 1: Relationship-building

The main reason all professionals use LinkedIn is to create strong relationships. Consequently, this illustrates how to strike up a discussion with a professional.

Hey Daniel, I have a query for you about marketing.

Do you believe that marketers ought to discuss the marketing funnel frequently? Or is it merely an old idea?



Example 2: Sending a Connection Request

A significant task is sending connection requests. But starting a conversation is not simple. So, as a starting point for the conversation, here is a template.

Hello Rebecca

I appreciate you allowing me to connect.

We have probably never actually spoken in person.

I consider networking and creating solid contacts very crucial on LinkedIn because I have been an active user of it. So I just wanted to say hello, see how you handle your challenges, and see how we may both gain from our relationship.



Example 3: Free Offer

If you’re seeking inspiration for your pitch, the example below can help. His target market’s emotions are played on in this sales pitch. There is also a free offer included. People are tempted to pursue relationships because of this. The cherry on top is that he gave the pitch to people he knows, making it straightforward to move forward with the major “ask.”

Sample: Good day, [NAME]

I hope your week has started well. We are searching for investors to help us launch our journey. In the wake of [RECENTLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROJECT], we are currently attempting to close our first round of financing.

After looking over LinkedIn to see if this offer might be of interest to you, I made the decision to message you.

Please let me know if you’d want to participate in an innovative project in [INDUSTRY] so we can chat more.

Thank you for your time.


LinkedIn users can create their own templates using the ideas mentioned above.

How Can I send a message on LinkedIn in Bulk?

Direct messaging to a group of contacts without using any automation tool is a common way to send bulk messages on LinkedIn. If you abuse this feature, LinkedIn’s algorithms may interpret your actions as spam and suspend your account.

So choose the relevant connection and compose a message matching the dialog.

  • Follow these steps to send a bulk message on LinkedIn:
  • Open the LinkedIn mailbox.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and select “More.”
  • Select “New Group Chat.”
  • Enter the names of the top-level connections you want to send messages to (the maximum number of group members is 50).
  • Enter a name for this group conversation.
  • Write your message and click on the “Send” button.

This option is not practical because it involves sending messages to a group where everyone can read the conversation. Hence, you can always opt for automation tools, as mentioned above. Automation tools work best to make tasks easier and more effective.


What can you automate on LinkedIn?

There are several tools that offer a variety of automation options. Most technologies allow you to send emails, follow-ups, connection requests, and campaign information. Some programs even allow you to automatically issue group invites, approve connections and select profiles and companies based on your target market.

How do I send a system-generated message?

A system-generated message can be delivered in two ways. First, you can send a system-generated message by selecting the recipients you want to send the message to from the compose email option. Then click on Send when you have finished composing your message.

The second method is to actively research LinkedIn to find members of your target audience and create personalized messages for each. You would have to visit their profiles, choose to log in, and write your message.

How do I send a message to all members of a LinkedIn group?

You can send a message by hovering the mouse over “Interests” at the top of your web page, selecting Groups, and clicking on the group’s name. Then click on the number of group members in the upper right corner. Your inbox will appear after clicking on the Send a message link under the member’s name. After completing your message, click Send Message.

How do I send a bulk message on LinkedIn recruiter?

Many people use a LinkedIn recruiter for hiring and need to send bulk messages to candidates regarding job openings, interviews, offer letters, etc.

  • Login into the LinkedIn recruiter.
  • Select Product Settings from the drop-down menu when hovering over your homepage profile picture.
  • Click Settings on the left.
  • Select the “Edit” tab on the right side of “Enable bulk message restrictions” on the Settings page.


You are now aware of how to send a mass message on LinkedIn. You can connect with so many people at once. The greatest approach to connect with people on LinkedIn who share your interests is through LinkedIn automation. It is also a way to grow your network and use your connections to recruit people, build your team, and generate leads through LinkedIn campaigns.


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