Gunfire in downtown Indianapolis; Several peoples injured


A major shooting incident in downtown Indianapolis that stranded six people wounded has reportedly started with a confrontation between two juvenile groups, Indianapolis police announced in a Sunday news release.

The statement revealed that the shooting took place around 11 p.m. on Saturday in the vicinity of western Maryland and North Illinois streets.

Officers responded immediately and found six victims wounded from gunshot wounds, told Genae Cook of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

All of them were carried to local hospitals. Two are in intensive care and in a critical state. One in serious but stable condition and three have minor injuries, revealed Cook.

Gunfire in  downtown Indianapolis; Several peoples injured
Gunfire in downtown Indianapolis; Several peoples injured

Police were still gathering information from the witnesses overnight. They are fairly confident there was only one shooter so far, who was still at large, Cook said.

The motive is still not known, however. The unfortunate incident happened about seven blocks near the city’s entertainment zone at 11:15 p.m., told Officer Genae Cook of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The gunshot victims comprised both adults and juveniles, with a few of the minors taken to Riley Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Rick Snyder, president of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, condemned the incident and told, “Grateful for our Indy Police Officers who continue to run toward the shots fired and risk their lives while others sit the sidelines and pontificate on the ‘root causes’ of the violence faced nightly by our residents, visitors, and officers,” Snyder said Sunday on Twitter.

The statement was also a dig aimed at Heather Sager, Hogsett’s campaign spokeswoman who had said that the shooting was “not partisan or political.”

Anyone with any known details is asked to inform the police or call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana anonymously to help the investigation in any way at 317-262-TIPS (8477). Meanwhile, let’s pray for the fast recovery of the victims.


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