Halsey’s New Graveyard music video- She is letting her ‘imagination run wild’


Just in time for the coming of the alarming season of the year, Halsey published a brand new tape that is both creepy and colorful. Ahead of the launch of her new catalog, Manic, out January 17, the singer launched the video for album sole “Graveyard.”

Sharing the tape on Tuesday, October 8, Halsey features in the clip with Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria, Complex examines out.

The video starts with Halsey doodling a diagram of Sydney that seems to arrive at life. As a very glittery Sydney seems IRL, it appears as if Halsey falls into a fantasy, and in her intuition, she is enjoying a carnival with Sydney after twilight.

Halsey's New Graveyard music video- She is letting her 'imagination run wild'
Halsey’s New Graveyard music video- She is letting her ‘imagination run wild’

From dancing jointly to clasping hands, the two take their moment in exploring the vacant surroundings, and at one point they transpire upon an aquarium. However, as Halsey gets on into the beclouded aquarium, Sydney begins to vanish, and the singer is suddenly waked from her dream.

As Rolling Stone notes, this is the next single off of Halsey’s impending album. After publishing the track, “Clementine,” the singer had annoyed the fans with hints of modern material, and she had shared a number of preview clips from the procession, which was authorized by Anton Tammi.

Previous to the release of the tape, Halsey had motivated followers to “let your intuition run wild,” and pursuing the video’s debut, she acclaimed fans for figuring out some of the tape’s hidden clues.

Although the musician has not yet confirmed any of the hypotheses, some fans thought “Graveyard” was related to “Clementine,” and pointed out events that appear to be related.

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Fortunate for those of us still piecing jointly the eye-catching puzzle, there stays plenty of time before Halsey’s new album comes. In the meanwhile, we will be appreciating repeat viewings of “Graveyard” and wishing for more new music shortly.


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