Hayley Steinfeld drops new melody ‘Wrong Direction’ about breakups and disloyalty


23-year-old Hayley Steinfeld says she has renewed her musical career from the ashes of a failed relationship with 26-year-old Niall Horan, a member of the Dickinson actress One Direction.

Just days after announcing that his new song “Wrong Directing” will be released on New Year’s Day, fans are eagerly waiting for Hayley to spoil the “wrong” tea between himself and Niall.

All he got was the ex-couple’s separation and the awe of how Healy would handle that time.

In the song, Hayley begins with a straightforward song that sets the tone for the tune. “I don’t hate you” she sang a lot. “No, I didn’t want to, so I could.” But, Healy does not hesitate to explain the subject of his song, “I hate all the hurt you caused me.”

Hayley Steinfeld drops new melody 'Wrong Direction' about breakups and disloyalty
Hayley Steinfeld drops new melody ‘Wrong Direction’ about breakups and disloyalty

Throughout the piano ballad, the “Love Myself” singer confesses how she drives madly into “You Are My Mind, My Body”. Frankly, the song did not exactly burn to its former flame, but it did not count as much for courtship, and Healy’s own approach was put together.

When she announced her new single on December 29, Hayley Neal was not named, but the title was not subtle.

Adding fuel to the fire, Healy shared a series of photos from 2019 on her Instagram Stories with the message “Thank you for all the lessons, love, heartache and memories.”

Fans immediately anticipated this reaction from Niall about the breakup of his upcoming album (in February or March 2020).

“Talking to Jimmy Fallon on the December 12 episode of tonight’s show, these are all different sides of the breakup. It’s not sad, all the time.”

“It’s not like when you are dating someone; I was sitting at a window. I’m looking outside. Pity for me. It was raining against that window Ongoing.”

“Sometimes you just want to live outside the city, throw some shapes and you’ll be like, ‘Nice to meet ya!’ And then the unhappy people come,” he said. “On this album, I wanted to write a good mix of those ups and downs.”

Hayley and Niall split in December 2018 after dating for less than a year. First, there are reports that their programs are only too busy for romance.

He was about to go on a major press tour for Bumblebee and was busy with his solo music career. It really seemed to be one of the most friendly sections. Healy also declined to comment on the January 2019 shed being thrown to his east.

After sharing Julia Michaels’ Instagram article on her own account of drugs, some suspected she was subtracting.

“Some hidden message, my love,” she tweeted. “I’m sure some of you can relate.
Follow “Wrong Direction” “Afterlife”, which he released in September for his new Apple TV + series Dickinson.”

Although she has released some songs and appeared in others’ songs, fans are eagerly awaiting her 2016 debut, Hayes.


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