Hazel Moder: Meet the luxurious lifestyle of Star Kid Julia Robert’s daughter and upcoming potential Hollywood Actress

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A time comes in every celebrity’s life when the paparazzi are more interested in their Kid’s outlook than them. And, the time has come for Julia Roberts and her daughter Hazel Moder.

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Born on November 28th in 2004, Hazel Moder’s beautiful first look took over the internet. But, now that Hazel has turned 16 years old already, fans wonder whether she will begin acting in Hollywood or choose another pathway. But, lucky for Julia Roberts fans, Hazel Moder shows real-time interest in building a minor acting career. In 2016, she was one of the cast members of a movie titled Mother’s day. Without a doubt, her first impression as an American actress was brilliant. Seems like someone is getting trained under the guidance of Hollywood best-known star mother, Julia. 

As a child actress, fans do not know much about Hazel. (or, we call her H.M.). So, if you are here to take a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of Hazel Moder and what she is up to? Well! We welcome you. Let’s begin to know her from a transparent camera view and details: 

Who is Hazel Moder? 

Earlier than 2016, Hazel Moder was the daughter of Julia Roberts in the eyes of the media. Hazel Moder, now, however, has become one of the most potential Hollywood stars in the upcoming generation. Even as a child, H.M. has managed to put herself out in the world of movies and T.V. Series. She has already appeared in Mother’s Day B and VH1: All Access. Being the daughter of an award-winning academy mother can be challenging. And, so, it seems like Miss. Moder has been doing great so far. 

Hazel Moder Biography: 

Born on: November 28th 2004

Belongs to: Los Angeles, USA

Middle name: Patricia

Education: High school at the “Our Lady of Mercy School”

Height: 5 ft 1 inch (seems like she will outrun Julia Roberts soon)

Profession: Child Actress

Age: Sixteen (as of 2020)

Zodiac star: Sagittarius

Daughter of: Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder

Siblings: Henry and Phineas Moder

Genetic features: Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

Hazel Moder Net Worth: 30 Million USD

Weight: 54kg or 119 pounds

Sources of income: Hollywood Acting career

About Daniel Moder: Father of Hazel Moder

Now, who does not know Julia Roberts? Her movies have been a part of the box office forever. She has appeared in top-notch movies and television series including Eat, Pray, Love, Money Monster, Mirror Mirror, homecoming, the movies, Miami Vice, Nature, HBO Free look, and the list is endless. But, who is the father of Hazel Moder? Is he famous? Is he rich? 

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Well! The answer is YES to ALL. Daniel Moder, by profession, is a cinematographer. You may not know, but he has created some of the movies which may be your favourite and all-time classic such as: 

The Mexican, Secret in their Eye, The Normal Heart, Hylandpark, Border, Heaven’s Floor, and The Last Tycoon. 

No wonder Hazel Moder is living a dream life with amazing parents, and early career in Hollywood, and academic interest. 

Top 8 facts about Hazel Moder that define her

When it comes to kids of celebrities, they grow as fast as anything. One day your Instagram feed is filled with newborn Hazel Moder. The second time you see her on social media, she is already 15 and promoting her movie on the red carpet. So let’s learn the top 8 facts about Hazel Moder which define her doings these days: 

Hazel Moder is earning already!

While kids are in school, they often dream enormous. They yearn to earn millions and acquire a luxurious lifestyle. However, you will be startled to know that dreams of Hazel are already coming true. She entered Hollywood as a child actress at two years old. You may remember her from the VH1: All Access Movie. Not only this, but she has also grasped the real-time attention of the public (turn into fans) by persistent guest appearances in shows. 

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Now, here comes the shocking part. Hazel Moder Net Worth as of 2020 is 30 million Dollars. Her primary source of income are films that she acted in. 

Miss. Hazel Patricia is private

Being a part of Hollywood, celebrities can hardly keep anything from the media and fans. So, everything about their personal lifestyle becomes a controversial. But, Hazel Moder is very sensitive about her private life. During one of the interviews, Julia Roberts confirmed that her daughter is a private person. Be it, boyfriend, school life, friends, hangouts, and whatnot! She keeps everything to herself. 

In other words, we can say that Hazel is not at all like her mother. Indeed, Julia Roberts’ romantic relationship with former partners has never been so close. The media has revealed everything from Mattew Perry, Jason Patric, Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, or Kiefer Sutherland. 

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Hazel Moder’s grandparents, i.e.., Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts have also been part of Hollywood. And, now it seems like Hazel.M has many people in the family to alert her about keeping her life private from the media. 

Julia is strict with her children

What is Hazel Moder Instagram ID? Well! If you are leading for the answer, you have been wrong all the way. Because Hazel Moder is not active on social media. For the most part, Julia Roberts has always been a strict parent. Daniel.M, on the other hand, has been a good cop. According to one of the interviews by Julia Roberts, she mentioned that she does not allow her children to use social media. Their time limits are set for television. It seems like Julia Roberts does not want Hazel or any children to receive unwanted attention from the media too soon in their life. 

Hazel Moder’s Birthdate is historically unique

Birthdates play a unique role in one’s life. Likewise, for Hazel Moder, her birthday is special. Here are some fantastic facts about Julia Roberts daughter’s birthdate: 

  • On that day, the world population had reached six billion. 
  • During that year, George Bush Washington was still the president. 
  • On this day, 1 billion other babies were born. 
  • This was the date in the 1500s when the Pacific Ocean was crossed by the Portuguese for the first time ever. 
  • This is the date in the 1800s when women voted for the first time. 

So, what’s special about your birthday? Tell us in the comment section. 

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Another hilarious fact about hazel Moder’s birthday is that she was born in the year of the monkey. What’s that? To begin with, according to American zodiac stars, Miss. Patricia is a Sagittarius. However, as per the Chinese astronomy stars, she is a monkey. So, if Miss. Hazel is reading this, don’t get offended. Because the Year of the Monkey is quite lucky for people. They are assumed to be clever, intelligent, and smart. Therefore, their career choices and prosperity potential are high.

Belongs to Generation Z

Do you know? People born in the 2000s (potentially before 2010) are called Zoomers. Why? Well! Because they have been born in a modern age. Hazel also belongs to Generation Z. for the most part. This generation is a digital native. Meaning they have undemanded access to the internet (not for Hazel). But, they are not digital literates yet. For example, Julia Roberts being a strict parent keeps her children unparallel to social media, which definitely lack digital literacy. So, are they really zoomers? You tell us in the comments. 

Hazel Moder Instagram fan page is there!

Even though Hazel Moder is not active on social media, her fan page is open. But, if you search for Hazel’s pictures on the internet, there are not more than five pictures. According to Julia Roberts, she thinks that being in the limelight too soon is essential for her daughter. So, should she focus on her studies and find out what she is passionate about? 

During one of the interviews, Julia Roberts told the world that she is sensitive about her kids. She also mentioned that she and her kids have breakfast together every day. Furthermore, in the interview, she talked about her pregnancy with Hazel. Check out this video: 

Hazel’s parents may separate soon

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder have been married for 18 years. During their wedding period, the couple conceived and gave birth to 3 children: Hazel Moder, Philneaus, and Henry Moder. However, recently in March 2021, the rumour went around that Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder have entered a separation trial. According to the sources, the reasons behind separation are Daniel’s unsuccessful career which is lacking by the year. Apart from this, Hazel Moder’s father also wants to separate because Julia’s ways are always demanding. 

Source: Celebrity Parents Who Welcomed Twins: Pics

During one of the interviews, Daniel Moder also stated that J.Roberts is the breadwinner in the family, which is why she keeps harming Daniel’s self-esteem by reminding him at every point of the way. Hopefully, the couple will wait until their children are grown to separate their ways. 

Miss. Moder has a twin brother

One of the most bewildering parts of having a sibling is that you always have a best friend by your side. Lucky for Hazel Moder as she has a twin brother named Phinneaus Moder. Both are close to each other. 


Do you want to know about other star kids? Request us biographies of Hollywood Celebrities and their kids in the comment section. We will bring to you the species we find. As for Hazel Moder, we will soon see her in Hollywood with her debut as an adult. I am thrilled, are you? 


1. How old is Hazel Moder?
A. Hazel Moder is currently 18 years old.

2. Where was Hazel Moder born?
A. She was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

3. What are Hazel Moder’s siblings?
A. She has a twin brother named Finn and a younger brother named Henry.

4. What are Hazel Moder’s parents known for?
A. Her mother Julia Roberts is an Oscar winning actress and her father Daniel Moder is a cinematographer.

5. Is Hazel Moder active on social media?
A. While she keeps a low profile, she has been active on Instagram in the past.


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