HCoin Review — Top 5 Reasons to Trade with This Broker


HCoin Review

As one of the best brokers in the industry, HCoin has been enjoying the popularity and loyalty of thousands of clients from across the globe. The Forex industry is a massive domain with the total evaluation of the market being close to $2.4 quadrillion. In such an intense environment, holding on to a prestigious position among the best is not an easy task. We have 5 reasons why you should try trading with this particular broker.

Reason 1. HCoin has state-of-the-art technology.

The broker created a strong infrastructure that focuses on several aspects at once:

  • The platform is capable of providing different types of service to a diverse audience of customers. From trust management and investment packages that work well for conservative investors to advanced trading instruments appreciated by scalpers and day traders.
  • The website uses encryption to protect all communication from unauthorized access. The broker also claims that it never shares user data with third parties and partners. All information stored on servers is securely protected and encrypted.
  • The trading terminal is available 24/7 without any interruptions of service. HCoin is an incredibly stable web service with 99.9999% uptime.

Reason 2. HCoin provides excellent guidance and assistance.

Several things should be mentioned in this regard:

  • The customer support team is just excellent. You will receive help within minutes after typing in the live chat. Specialists of the team are competent and usually can resolve the issue quickly.
  • Plenty of educational materials. It is great when you can simply read more about something that you are using. HCoin has a special knowledge hub where you can explore new trading strategies, skim through the latest news stories, and read tutorials on how to use certain features of the site.
  • Personal consultations. VIP clients and regular customers receive individual assistance and guidance in the market. You will receive training and signals from established professionals who know how to make money by trading.
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Reason 3. The service at HCoin is amazing.

There are several pillars upon which the service of this broker is built. There are several aspects in which HCoin excels:

  • Versatile banking. You can use debit cards to instantly top up your balance which is great when you need to receive funds immediately. A margin call is a terrifying thing for those who have large leveraged positions. You can add more cash to ensure that you can hold on to your market position. Withdrawing a bank account is reliable and relatively quick.
  • Favorable trading conditions. You will be able to trade with low spreads and no commissions related to banking operations. To top it all off, the company offers flexible margins allowing you to control the size of leverage!

Reason 4. HCoin is compatible with MT4.

MetaTrader4 is the most popular trading terminal among Forex traders. Over 85% use this terminal. The popularity of this particular platform is easy to explain. It is the most versatile and customizable terminal in the world. You can add complex user-made strategies and plugins to expand functionality.

Use MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, or TradingView to access the servers of HCoin and analyze the market using advanced analytical tools!

Reason 5. Users think that HCoin is a great company.

Testimonials about HCoin are mostly positive and usually praise all of the things that we already covered above. Some negative reviews are focusing on delayed withdrawals, occasional slow responses from the customer support team, and problems related to the limited functionality of the native trading terminal that many people substitute with MT4 anyways. In general, users are quite happy about this broker.


The main takeaway

HCoin is certainly among the industry leaders in many aspects of its service. The broker offers a diverse lineup of financial products and access to dozens of assets. It is a great partner for both novice traders who do not know much about Forex and experienced professionals who look for ways to expand their horizons!


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