Hennessey Upgrades For Shelby Mustang GT500 With Up To 1,200 HP Unvieled


Hennessey Upgrades For Shelby Mustang GT500 With Up To 1,200 HP Unveiled

Hennessey Performance Engineering is super autos and sports vehicles altering tuning house situated in America. Colt GT500 seems as though it will be perhaps the best alteration.

By its vibes, the circumstance appears as though Hennessey is anticipating something enormous for the Mustang’s stunning model GT500. The Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 has a twin-turbo overhaul with a torque of 1200.

Prior in the period of August 2019, we obviously observed the Hennessey group going at the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. Exactly at the main look of the video, we realized that they are going to make Mustang GT500 into one of its own sorts. Before long enough our theories ended up being genuine when the Hennessey at long last uncovered its thoughts for the Mustang.


The fundamental thought is to offer three bundles for redesign and utilize its typical naming show. The numbers expressed for the sake of the update bundles will signify how much power would be produced by the overhaul. The vehicle would be called venom.

First Upgrade-Venom 850

Venom 850, as the name recommends will create 850 torque rather than its typical 760 strength. It would offer 725 lb of torque. The supercharger is to include a pulley and billet redesign. Tempered steel cylinders to be utilized for headers alongside 5.2 L supercharged V8.

Second Upgrade-Venom 100

The Venom 100 offers 100 torque and acquires most redesigns of Venom 850. It would include the establishment of a bigger 3.0-L unit, alongside another intercooler, fuel siphons, and a transmission update.

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Third Upgrade-Venom 1200

It outfits the Venom with 1200 drive and 1000 lb-ft of torque. It also includes a twin-turbo framework alongside with the updated cylinders and bars separated from all overhauls of the Venom 100.

The principal redesign accompanies multi year-long warrant while the rest of the two will have a 1-year guarantee.


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