Here’s How RAM NFT is Building a Community for the Coolest NFTs


When Neal Stephenson wrote his book Diamond Age in 1995, he introduced an interesting concept of phyles. We can describe phyles as groups of people coming together for a similar interest, distributed, decentralized, connected, and without geographic boundaries. 

Neal foresaw many of the innovations we have today —  from the metaverse to nanotechnology to a decentralized internet. But much of his ideas were underlined by two words:  “decentralization” and “community.”

Twenty-six years after Diamond Age, a new NFT project that fulfills Neal’s vision of a decentralized community, RAM NFT, is now on the horizon. 

In a fast-paced NFT world where different project offerings provide a diverse range of features and functionalities, RAM NFT is geared towards creating a community that helps us make the best NFT decisions, provides the coolest NFTs, and ushers us into a higher dimension of virtual gaming. 

Keep reading to see how RAM NFT is revolutionizing the NFT market

What is RAM NFT Membership?

We may describe RAM NFT membership as an NFT membership that allows members to mint NFT from different NFT collections periodically. It is a product offering that offers you exclusive access to 12 unique NFT collections. 

There are numerous NFT collections out in the market today, and choosing a collection to mint from can be a tricky minefield to navigate. Factors to consider include the project’s offering, the long-term value of the NFT, the creator’s credibility, and the strength and reliability of its support community.

You’ll agree this is quite tasking to parse. But with RAM NFT membership, you wouldn’t have to go through all that stress. 

Not only that, RAM NFT membership keeps you abreast of the latest trends in the NFT space. This is all thanks to the mother company, RiseAngle, its solid leadership, and the RAM NFT energetic community, all united by one goal — to provide holders with NFTs of the highest quality. 

RiseAngle is a leading gaming company with a particular focus on virtual gaming. A pioneer and first of its kind, RiseAngle provides gamers with entertaining games with immersive storytelling superimposed by advanced technologies like VR, blockchain, and NFTs.

At this stage, the million-dollar question now is, what does RAM NFT Membership have to offer?

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Benefits of RAM NFT Membership

If you’re looking to mint an incredible, high-value NFT collection, RAM NFT might be all you need to achieve this goal. Think of it as a vendor that delivers the best and most unique NFTs to your doorstep. 

With RAM NFTs, you can be assured that you won’t be getting the same monotonous species of NFTs. There’s a unique collection for every month. Typically, NFTs exist in various forms, such as 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art, digital comics, metaverse-based NFTs with virtual reality or augmented reality, or combinations.

When you purchase NFTs, you become a part of a community of people — in Neal’s words, phyles — who are excited about the product and its possibilities just as much as you are. Usually, the best NFT collections are backed by a vibrant, invested community driven by a common objective of validating a project. 

However, not much is said about how fun and enlightening community activities can be for the holders. Worse still, if you’re invested in various NFT projects or building a collection, there’s a high chance that things get tedious along the line as you have to join discord channels to keep tabs on individual projects.

RAM NFT offers a simple solution to all these issues — you get to be part of a high-inclusive yet multifaceted Discord community sustained by a common will to maximize the NFT experience and have fun while at it.

Our research finds that not all RAM NFT membership collections are metaverse-oriented though, but primarily, a few have been proven to possess metaverse utility. This makes the membership even more valuable as NFTs enable disruptions and advances in the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming industry. 

The mother company, RiseAngle Inc., has launched five games with 300,000+ installations. The company boasts a solid leadership structure that combines expertise with unparalleled interpersonal skills that have compounded into building an enriching, vibrant community for unique NFT collections. 

Their vast experience in metaverse games makes them a pioneer in NFT and virtual gaming. 

An example is its World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse project that seeks to integrate NFTs with metaverse gaming. According to the founder, Kaveh Vahdat, the game will offer new, fascinating story NFTs and secret NFTs, as well as incorporate NFTs and non-VR devices, and a P2E model, amongst other exciting features.

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However, you have to mint a RAM NFT or buy one from secondary markets to enjoy these benefits. This is because RAM NFT membership is an NFT on its own. Currently, there are plans to release the third generation of RAM. 

RAM Gen 1 was released last year, but there are only 400 RAM Gen 1 NFTs, which places it among the most exclusive NFT collections in the market. 

The NFTs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, making them verifiable, tradable and transferable on NFT marketplaces. The membership NFT has an edition number and unique access to various perks that the smart contract enforces. 

One of such perks for Gen 1 holders is to mint additional six collections for free as well as secure access to exclusive airdrops

RAM NFT Collections and their Features

We’ve talked about what RAM NFT stands to offer. Here’s a glimpse at the collections and their unique features.

  •   World of Mazes Epic NFT Collection is an excellent choice for game lovers, composed of digital artworks and previous RiseAngle in-game assets. 
  •   RAM Cats Collection, with its fascinating allure for cat lovers, is composed of cute and funny cats and is a potential rival to the Cool Cats project. 
  •   RAM Mazes Collection features 3D generated mazes with high metaverse utility and integration.
  •   Deep Green Mazes Digital Comic Book pairs comic books with NFTs.

When you take a deeper inquiry into each of these collections, you will find the diversity, uniqueness, and vibrant community, all in one. This is what RAM NFT is all about and more


The world of NFT is a fast-expanding one, with new holders and enthusiasts joining the train and seeking the best ways to maximize their NFT experience. No doubt, for such a highly diversified dimension of technology with a surfeit of information and trends to follow, it’s important to be guarded — and constantly too. 

There’s no better way to tick these boxes than by joining a community that looks out for you and provides you with the coolest NFTs in the space. At the center is where you find RAM NFT, leading this revolution to integrate community, technology, storytelling, and fun while offering the best NFT experience to gamers, pleasure collectors, and enthusiasts alike.


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