Here’s List of New Releases on Netflix in October 2019


Summer is done and dusted. The winter is coming ( although that ‘winter’ is over). But thank God for Netflix. They have a host of new and returning shows and movies coming out on their streaming service in October, so there will be a lot to watch as we ignore any kind of normal human interaction

The Breaking Bad sequel, El Camino, is amongst the most exciting and by far kept the most ‘under the wraps’.  The film will hit the streamer in the first week of October.

We can find out everything about fan theories, Walter White returning, Anna Gunn’s apparent cameo and everything else once it’s October 11but that’s not all.

Here's List of New Releases on Netflix in October 2019
Here’s List of New Releases on Netflix in October 2019

The latest season of Big Mouth comes out October 4, Cardi B’s hip-hop based fest and competition show stream October 9, and that mind-twisting sci-fi show starring Paul Rudd and one more Paul Rudd will be available on streaming service from the 18th.

Also coming out on the first day of October is Ocean’s 12. For reasons unknown, this film did not quite get the reception as Ocean’s 11 but if we are being honest, it almost as good and definitely a movie that deserved a better following.

Director Steven Soderbergh tried out a lot more with this one, and the inside jokes are very evident as well.

But I guess that’s where it wins. It’s not exactly your crowd-pleasing movie per se but it reveals in its own world while making us feel like we are a member of it as well.

The cherry on top is its exceptionally stunning cinematography and a soundtrack that’s undoubtedly better than the first. Of course, it’s my opinion.

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So which one of these will you watch with your friends, family or whilst being under the sheets in your monthly dose of Netflix and Chill?


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