Hideo Kojima: Releasing ‘Death Stranding’ briefing trailer in 4K Here’s all details about it

Hideo Kojima: Releasing 'Death Stranding' briefing trailer in 4K Here's all details about it
Hideo Kojima: Releasing 'Death Stranding' briefing trailer in 4K Here's all details about it

Kojima Productions has released a 4K version of Death Stranding’s briefing trailer, which originally debuted at Gamescom in August. And you may want to watch it if you intend to follow all the Death Stranding news that comes out of the Tokyo Game Show.

Hideo Kojima can unleash 2 prolonged Death Stranding gameplay videos at TGS 2019 over consequent few days, and he recommends seeing the making known trailer 1st to assist you to understand the main character’s purpose. Death Stranding will be released on Nov. 8. We’ll have more from TGS 2019, as news emerges.

He’ll start with 50-minute gameplay footage showing how Death Stranding’s “Strand Game” is, how the main character “Sam” reconnects people and a dying world works on September 12th at 3:30 PM Japan time/2:30 AM US Eastern time. On September ordinal, he’ll gift a 30-minute video showing gameplay in a very specific location among Death Stranding’s universe.

Hideo Kojima: Releasing  'Death Stranding' briefing trailer in 4K Here's all details about it

Amelie (Lindsay Wagner) is that the plausible leader of the U.S. She’s in a very conference with the game’s central figure SAM (Norman Reedus) moreover as Die-Hardman (Tommie peer Jenkins) World Health Organization runs a corporation referred to as Bridges, that seeks to reconnect a fractured country.

As the scene unfolds, it becomes clear that SAM is being courted to run a rescue mission on the geographic region. Amelie makes use of holograms and strange very little stop-motion toy troopers to clarify true. In turn, SAM exudes pugnacious pessimism at the complete setup.

Death Stranding is Kojima’s 1st production since his bitter split from publisher Konami, where he produced a string of hits based on the Metal Gear franchise. The game is significant on story and eye-raising cut-scenes that have an angry abundant interest. Doubtless, this trailer is going to be intensely scrutinized by fans.

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In a tweet, Kojima said he’d rather you go in blind and play without knowing what the game is about, so you can “enjoy the surprise by discovering yourself.” However, he set to introduce its basic gameplay, as a result of mistily describing it as a “completely new sort of action game” intelligibly would not fly with loads of potential players.


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