Homeworld 3 being developed by Gearbox; Seeks Funds Through Crowdfunding


Gearbox Software has proclaimed that it is making ‘Homeworld 3’. The computer game engineer distributed the dispatch declaration on its authority YouTube channel and that it is requesting subsidizing for its advancement through crowdfunding.

To be explicit, the organization fired up a crowdfunding page on Fig, a crowdfunding site that furnishes to computer game designers. The game, while distributed under the Gearbox Software umbrella, will be started by Blackbird Interactive, a similar organization which additionally built up the last Homeworld game, ‘Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak’.

After right around 16 years, goodness me gracious my Homeworld 3 is at last occurring. Gearbox Publishing today declared the space fleet RTS will take off again an all-out spin-off. Homeworld 3 is being made by Blackbird Interactive, a studio who were established by a portion of the people who made the first Homeworld at Relic Entertainment at that point carried the arrangement back with the ongoing side project Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak. What’s more, it’s crowdfunding. Presently. As of now. The genuine discharge is yet a long, long way away.


‘Homeworld 3’ is set to be a full spin-off of ‘Homeworld 2’, which previously discharged in 2003. From what we can tell, both Gearbox Software and Blackbird Interactive plans on utilizing the equivalent “painterly cinematics” that was first presented in Quite a while of Kharak.

Gearbox previously met its crowdfunding objective of (shockingly) US$1 (~RM4.21) and at the hour of composing, the sum at present sits at US$376240 (~RM1.58 million) is as yet climbing. With respect to the game’s status, Gearbox says that the game is as of now in pre-creation.

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Concerning when we will most likely play the game, don’t anticipate that it should touch base on our PCs at any point in the near future. As indicated by the assessed conveyance date, the engineer isn’t anticipating getting the game out until Q4 2022. For the present, you can make a beeline for Gearbox’s fig page to either vow or put resources into the game.


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